Burn it Up! Burn it Up!

Last night, our 10 man finally managed to down Magmaw.  That’s going from a wipe a few seconds in to a downing in a few weeks – probably as much effort and time as we put into a Lich King kill back in WotLK.  We tried a number of strategies [and still were trying a couple new ones last night] – but as usual an off-the-wall one worked best for us.

My hubby [pally tank] tanked the boss.  When he got picked up in Magmaw’s mouth, our feral druid popped bear form and stood in melee range to keep the raid wipe ability from going off while our ret pally and enhancement shaman jumped on the bosses’ head and brought it to the floor.  One of our healers stood with the melee and the other two stood in the “ranged group” with the hunter, mage and myself.  I went frost spec with tank gear and blood presence and kited the adds [having respecced for chillbrains].  Our hunter helped kill/kite the adds but focuses on the boss during the times when his head was spiked.

We had discovered in previous attempts that having all the ranged on the adds was taking about 30k dps off of him and making it impossible to kill him within the enrage timer.  Freeing the hunter off kiting duty as well as having our shaman go back enhancement [his true BFF] boosted our raid dps from 60k overall to 90k.  We did have a 4% wipe right after implementing this strategy and it took some strategic use of cooldowns on part of everyone… but it got done!

Wrecking Crew – every single one of you guys did an amazing job!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “Burn it Up! Burn it Up!”

  1. grats! I really liked the magmaw fight. It’s not boring for me because I have to run around and actually do things.

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