Over 9000 and Other Weekend Achievements:

My main [the death knight] reached over 9000 achievements points!  I’m the fourth person in the guild to do so with a few people close behind 😀


My paladin also hit 85 this afternoon [she was already halfway through the level].  I’m finding that I don’t care much for the paladin now and I’ve all but dropped her tanking spec.  I expect she’ll basically sit there for a while – maybe work on her blacksmithing a tad.  That pretty much leaves my clothies, my warrior and my [ew] rogue left to get to 85.  I only quest with them until they’re maxed on guild reputation for the week [so it takes 2 weeks minimally to level one to 85, maybe a third to get them to honored reputation].  So they’re leveling – granted, more slowly than the last expansion.  Course, that’s also helping to max out our guild every day as it seems quite a few people are on the slower leveling track.  We’ll hit guild level 14 first thing in the morning.

I’m contemplating leveling my priest to PVP next since I have no real desire to heal on any toons at the moment but we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll give holy spec a go and enjoy it.

Anywho, we shall see!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Over 9000 and Other Weekend Achievements:”

  1. Nice one. 🙂

    In my current I’m – amazingly enough – #1 with almost 8000 points. Maybe if I go and do all the questing achievements I’d get the other 1k… I’d really prefer to see the low level quests on a new character first though.

    1. I actually only quested in two areas to finish that out… but yeah I understand that. I prefer to see the areas first on a new toon – it’s a different perspective entirely.

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