Are Tanks the New Rogues?

Back in Burning Crusade, I have a very memorable experience of questing on my druid.  She’d just hit 68 and I’d sent her off to the Isle of Quel’Danas [IQD] to start the routine of dailies.  I started with the bombing runs and then moved to the Naga side of the island, whereupon I got overwhelmed due to some nasty spawns.  I remember that suddenly I was receiving heals and amazingly not dying.  I thanked my savior and moved on to finish my dailies.  After that I hopped over to my rogue to do dailies.  I decided to start with the Naga area this time and whilst running over there passed the person who’d helped my druid.  I cheered at him and saluted him with respect and in return got a /spit emote with a “rouges suck and are ninjas” comment.

I was a little floored.  I commented on the event in guild chat and got told “oh yeah, everyone thinks rogues are ninjas and you’re going to be treated like that if you play a rogue”.  I was a little dismayed because I’d always taken great pains to be honest on the rogue.  I rarely used stealth on the island and if I saw someone going for a mob, I went to another – just like I did on every other toon.  Nothing else had changed – I had simply hopped from a kitty druid to a rogue.  And it wasn’t an isolated incident either.

That’s what I was reminded of the other week in Tol Barad whilst running around on my tank.  I got blasted by a rogue, of all things, for being a ninja and a jerk because I wasn’t following his prescribed strategy that “everyone must pull one mob at a time”.  I laughed that off easily enough – because it wasn’t the first time I was blasted for “cheating in tank spec” or “lol tank spec” or “you’re fail to do dailies in tank spec” or “you take too long to kill stuff in tank spec – gtfo”.  In talking with other tanks, apparently these aren’t isolated incidents either.  It’s happening on other realms, to other tanks.  And from reading the forums [for what little they are worth], everyone seems to believe going in that “tanks are jerks”.

I’m not denying that there are bad tanks, jerk tanks, elitist a-hole tanks and the like… but to assume we’re all described by one adjective and a negative one at that?  That’s going a bit far.

What amused me further was that the rogue in question that jumped on me for doing dailies in tank spec, was sitting in trade not an hour later looking for a tank for his daily heroic and promising to be a model player and not give a tank a problem.  I admit, I couldn’t resist and replied that he’d already given me heck for doing my dailies in my main [tank] spec so why would I bother helping him?

He went off on his little tiff about how everyone should just pull one mob at a time and do their dailies as dps.  Trade laughed at him.

So ironically, at a time when tanks are at an all high premium in the LFD, we’re getting treated like dirt just for being tanks?  Ironic.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

18 thoughts on “Are Tanks the New Rogues?”

  1. A lot of tanks these days act like they’re gifts from God because they are so highly sought after. Swollen egos has led to a lot of tanks being jerks, even charging ridiculous fees (hundreds, if not thousands of gold) for a single Heroic run. I’m not saying all tanks are like this, but no role should be so rarely played that it is THIS bad.

    Also, doing dailies in tank spec is just SMART. You don’t have to worry about extra mobs being a problem and can usually finish dailies faster if you chain pull.

  2. Agreed, doing TB dailies in tank spec is speedy. (Also, I do them in the absolute dead hours of the night/morning where no one is around).

    People are jerks no matter what class or role you play.

  3. Play 2 tanks warrior and pally, loved them both. I like PUG when the players show a bit of patience and have fun.

    Playing my priest the other day and this tank starts the run with “I have no respect for players that don’t respect the tank”, follow by insisting that I drink after every pull – I responded by saying I only have 1 stack of water, we don’t have a mage, and I can survive with a drink every 3-4 pulls.

    “Tank” proceeds to chain pull until I run out of mana and didn’t bother holding aggro either, got everyone wiped and proceed to blame me for not being able to keep him up. Then he left group, leaving me feeling what, guilt?

    I should have left group first the moment he started chain pulling. I’ve completed plenty of PUGs on my priest and don’t particularly need another run.

    Wish there’s some sort of reputation system, or even just “successfully-completed-dungeon count”.

  4. Judging from how much of a beating my Warlock is taking while doing her TB dailies I can’t see why someone would NOT want to do them in tank spec if they are able to. Heck, I’ll take survivability over those extra seconds it takes to kill something in a heartbeat.

    And sure there are tanks that are complete douchebags. But then there are dps and healers who are too, so I’m against generalising for any role/class.

    The whole idea that everyone should just kill one mob at a time really amuses me though. TB is a breeding ground for people who don’t give a damn about you, pulling mobs right from under your nose or coming up when you’re waiting for one of the named mobs and putting down aoe to get them before you.. killing more than one mob at a time seems a very small offense in comparison *lol*

  5. I try to avoid doing dailies in areas where there are going to be tons of people fighting after the same mobs. It brings back horrible memories of the Isle of Quel’Danas and I just can’t handle that sort of breakdown anymore.

  6. You forgot to mention how your awesome GM went and had a little discussion with the dbag in question and then proceeded to inform his guild master about some serious aholery coming from one of his guildies.
    Just sayin’.

  7. I rarely ever quest in tank spec on my druid, only if the mobs are tightly packed and I can’t handle more than one at once. Other than that, I quest in my cat spec. As for my hunter, if I wanted to, I could take on 5 mobs at once (2 Freezing Traps, 1 Wyvern Sting, 1 pet tanked, 1 kiting), but I don’t because it’s hard to coordinate and not as courteous to others.

  8. Pulling additional mobs out from under a player’s nose just because you can handle it is rude— that’s rude no matter what class or spec you are though.

    Running around to gather a half dozen mobs and AOEing them down because you can? That’s in no way rude (as long as you don’t do as mentioned above.) Heck, that’s what made me fall in love with my frost mage 🙂

    Some people just want to pick a fight, and they’ll do it regardless.

  9. As a rogue myself, I have no problem with people chain pulling/pulling multiple mobs while doing dailies. My problem comes when I’m running toward a mob and it gets pulled out from under me by someone already fighting another mob or two (or even when they’re not fighting any at all). Rogues can’t easily pull from a distance. I think we’re the only class without an instant range attack, however weak. We either have to run to within 8 yards and hit fan of knives, or we have to stop where we are to throw, which takes almost a second and a half to even cast, plus the travel time of the weapon. Both of those circumstances don’t let us get the opener from stealth, either. So it does get incredibly frustrating to be doing a daily and every time you run for a mob you need to kill, a shaman’s shock or druid’s moonfire or any number of other instant cast range spells hits it right before you can get to it. Obviously, pulling with instant cast spells isn’t wrong in itself, but when a rogue is running directly toward the mob, it’s pretty obvious their going to pull it, and losing out over and over again just because someone else has a ranged attack is enough to make any rogue touchy on the subject of what the “proper” way to pull during dailies is. I regularly take much longer to do the “kill x mobs” dailies than many classes because I can’t ever find mobs to kill before they’re tagged by someone else.

    Multiple mobs? Not a problem. I actually do that all the time on my rogue once I get Recuperate ticking. I can pop my defensive cooldowns and pull 5 or 6 mobs in a row before needing to stop for a second to get some health back.

  10. Huh.. Well there’s the usual “Tanks are highly sough after by random people for PuGs and 3/4 can do really well soloing” bit.

    But any irrational “Tanks are jerks so you’re a jerk!” stuff has only happened once. Had some guy go off on me in a pst. I had just had my hours at work cut unless I let them dick around with my schedule, so I told him to go fuck himself.


  11. I kill slowly as a tank because I do less dps, but I kill three mobs in the same time as it takes me to kill one mob, so I try and pull 3 at a time.

    Meanwhile my rogue kills three mobs in the time it takes me to kill one mob as a tank (or three).

    So if as a tank I pull one at a time it takes me three times as long as the rogue to do my dailies. Why would I do that?

  12. I’ve been leveling my Prot warrior lately (should get to 85 this weekend). Even if it might take me a little longer (and I’m not convinced it does) I really love pulling a few mobs and tank ’em down. Plus, I’m dual-specced Prot; I have no interest in playing Arms or Fury, and I’d be rightly PO’d if someone gave me crap for playing the spec I enjoy.

    If you’re keeping other people from getting the kills they need, yeah, you’re being a jerk, but it’s flipping TB. Maybe he had to run like 10 yards further to find a spider or zombie pirate to kill? Oh noes!

  13. The rude people are always more memorable than the rest of the day if you don’t have a thick skin. It is frustrating trying to tag something in a crowded area, but those of us who’ve played multiple specs/classes know that it takes so long to kill something in a tank spec, you have to round up all the mobs you can. So if I’m playing a hunter, I ignore the protection paladin and kill 5 other mobs as quickly as he can kill his 5-pack. Another hunter will sic his pet on one mob, freeze another, and kite a third around – all fair game, I think.

    Stealth is frustrating for all sometimes, but nothing is /spit-worthy. I’d just /ignore the /spitter. It’s frustrating when you pop out of stealth to attack a mob someone else just tagged because they didn’t see you, and it’s frustrating to waste time half-killing a mob that a rogue or feral druid just tagged because you didn’t see them.

    I’ve been playing for 4 years and have never heard any stereotypes about rogues. But I can be oblivious.

  14. I’ve played my Prot Warrior for four years and only in the last two years have I noticed anyone claiming that Tanks are jerks.

    I’ve had someone claim I was a jerk because I told them to relax and its just a game when we had some trouble downing a mob in a pug. I was told I was a jerk cause I have an instant queue, so it doesn’t matter to me if we fail a dungeon. If that was so, I wouldn’t have played as hard trying to keep them alive!

    I’ve had two mobs pop next to eachother and I went for the nearest one to me and the other player went for mine rather than the one closest to him. But Tanks are jerks, right?

    If anything, I’ve run into healers who were jerks! Wanna read about them? Look at my page.

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