No Ghoul For You!

“Raise Ally has been redesigned to be a battle resurrection, analogous to Rebirth. It is instant cast, but costs 50 Runic Power to use, and has a 10-minute cooldown. It shares the same global battle resurrection cap with Rebirth and Soulstone.”   Link here – 4.1 notes.

Well… definitely a change.  Not sure it’s one I like.  I did like being able to rez someone as a ghoul for five minutes so they could add some dps.  With the battle rez limitation and me being a tank – raid wise I won’t be doing this much.  However – there was a situation where the druid whose battle rez was off cooldown was the one who died – so this could’ve been useful then.  It will also give one of the other groups a battle rez.

But one thing strikes me as quite odd.  I’m dead… and I’m going to be returning people to life as a dead person?

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “No Ghoul For You!”

  1. What do you think of the tanking changes? I would imagine the threat nerf to self-healing is not insignificant but I don’t know enough about Death Strike and mastery’s synergy with your threat.

    Warriors and pallies are feeling some pain this time around though.

    1. I confess I’m confused. They did the same nerf to the pally judgement of light back at some point – so I’m not surprised… but I’m quite confused about them making tanking that little bit harder.

      I’m not a number cruncher and I suspect I’ll adjust quite fine. I mean going from a frost tank to a blood tank was likely a bigger jump. Apparently tanks aren’t supposed to self-heal anymore. [Hubby says worst case scenario should mean only a 1-2k tps drop – meaning my top dpsers are going to have to watch themselves].

      But what’s the point? I adjust to changes and it changes again. I adjust more and it changes again. And on and on and on and on. I have to admit, I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the constant changes to PVE in favor of PVP. They simply need to add a PVP tree and balance it separately.

      [As for tank specs having ‘too much’ survivability in PVP – isn’t that why you need us in PVE?].

      I’m not immune to the pally changes either. My hubby is a pally tank and we co-tank our ten man raid. What affects him affects me and vice versa.

      But it’s just preliminary patch notes anyway. We’ll have to see how they pan out and how many get hotfixed back in the days following the patch.

      So… meh?

    1. I was mainly referencing our ten man where we have two druids [kitty and heals]. They are spot on the with the battle rezzes [unless something goes wrong and the one with the brez gets nommed]. Mine will be a nice backup. And if I’m not tanking at the needed point – it might even save the healer some mana[?].

      I confess it will be nice in a five man when my healer gets nommed. But I use that ghoul constantly so I will miss it.

  2. It’s the old bait and switch. They just took away a spell I have seen help win fights. But hey look you get a B-rez, along with the raid rez limit, so rejoyce!

  3. It just seems weird to me. A full on battle rez from a DK? It just goes against the flavor of the class for me. It would be like giving pallies a ghoul instead of Resurrection.

    I must say though the warrior changes are not looking as bad as I thought.

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