Every group needs a little Ayeffkay.

I was on my second priest – in the Northrend zones and decided to queue for my daily random to get the few JP I get.  I ended up with a dwarf pally tank named Ayeffkay.  I ended up healing for him for 6-7 instances after that.  He was trying to hit level 77 and I was quite content to do a few Northrend regulars, especially with a tank who seemed to know the pulls, had good situational awareness and was quite hardy.

It was one of the most enjoyable set of pug instances I have ever done.  I actually created a toon to tell his guild so as well.  I mean, I do that with really nasty people so shouldn’t I do it with those that really shine too?

So thank you Ayeffkay!  You made my day!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Every group needs a little Ayeffkay.”

  1. Shit yes, I couldn’t agree more. I have had some SERIOUS problems with LFG lately, jerkwads and incompetence, but then yesterday morning I was on my (then) 57 Priest, healing, and got a bomb tank. He was new to tanking, but had the basics down pat, and was very situationally aware. Combine that with my Heirlooms, near endless mana, and we ran most of the ENTIRE day together. Glad I have screenshots, I can’t remember his name, I need to contact him and thank him for the experience.

  2. I love when this sort of thing happens. There’s a special warm feeling that happens when you see the LFG pop again after an awesome run, you click yes just because it’s so smooth.

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