6 thoughts on “After 53 H-Magister’s Terrace Runs…”

    1. I’ve seen it drop twice before myself – I wasn’t in the group either time – hubby was. He got the second one and I was glad for him – he’s a mount collector moreso than I. I’m the pet collector!

  1. I’m just now starting the daily run for this and Ravenlord. I wish I had gotten into the ZG mounts prior to the removal and soon lvl 85 reimplementation, but oh well. I only started a year ago, so I was pretty excited about my Ravasaur until I realized almost everyone had one.

    1. Well good luck! I didn’t take the time to farm the ZG mounts myself like I wish I’d done.

      Anyway, farming both instances each day doesn’t take very long and eventually your patience will be rewarded!

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