Reference List for WaR Members

Classy Toons Needed and status of their progression

I’ll update this post as we get some of them and people either advance or drop their projects.

Human Hunter – level 85 just need honored

Nelf Rogue – level 85 just need honored
Nelf DK – 4 Toons in progress to complete achieve all 80 + – 
Nelf Mage – level 85 just not honored yet

Gnome Warlock – Several 85s – just no honored
Gnome DK – Faction Change to be done, already 85/honored.
Gnome Priest – Toon being leveled [level 84] – already honored

Dwarf Hunter – A couple level 80 ones in guild and an 85 – not honored yet
Dwarf Rogue – Level 85 but not honored yet
Dwarf Mage – Toon being leveled [level 80]
Dwarf Priest – New toon created [level 35/23]
Dwarf DK – Faction change done [toon is level 84 and being leveled]

Draenei  Priest – One at 85, needs honored
Draenei DK – Faction Change being done [toon is 85]

Worgen Warlock – level 1 created for this purpose – will be a bit before leveled. – level 25 now
Worgen DK – one at 84

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Reference List for WaR Members”

  1. Both mine and Oak’s DK’s hit 81 last night. But if he’s focusing on that toon to level, he surely will beat me there. BUT, gosh darn, I am like kicking butt and taking names again.

  2. I have a Nelf Rogue – only 37 though, and I dont tend to level as quickly as most. Ill do my best though if there are no other takers !

  3. Elphlane is coming along. I will try and focus on her for the next couple of weeks to get her to 85 and honored. I have been messing around with other alts but I will work on her for the next little bit.

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