As it Shakes Out…

Well I’ve spent a lot of time debating who is my primary alt and such.  I think I’ve finally figured out my toon’s statuses.

Askevar is my main – blood dk tank/frost dw dps

Allixie [dw frost] and Alika [holy pally] are my primary alts.

From there is goes to the “someday, eventually will be geared” list
Elanthielle [fire mage]
Askalaphos [MM hunter]
Calanthea [SV hunter]
Arica [kitty druid]
Tsali [Enhancement/elemental shaman]
Aulao [frost/fire mage]
Kintara [disc priest]

And the “basically retired” list
Carlyn [lock]
Kalliana [rogue]
Odyyn  [warrior]

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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