Get Ready to Grind or Get Left Behind – Preparations for 4.2

After talking with some of my guildies in the last week, I sorta concluded that I should do a “Get Ready for 4.2” post.  Which is this.

1. What you read, what you hear – could change.  Even the things I say here could no longer be applicable tomorrow.  Take it all with a grain of salt.

2. Manage your expectations.  I know it’s fun to get excited about new content but if you get too excited you’ll end up disappointed because it won’t ever be as good as you imagine it.

3. Finish up questing in Mt Hyjal.  As it stands now, you will not have access to the new dailies unless you have completed the Hyjal questline – up to and including the battle with Ragnaros.  I’d recommend going ahead and finishing that now rather than competing with the flood of people that day trying to finish.  We’re already going to have to compete for the new dailies.  Why make it that much harder?  It’s more gold in your pocket anyway.  The Hyjal dailies will gradually open up more and more dailies [reportedly 20 tokens – 5 days of dailies to get to the second set and 150 tokens or so to go to the next segment – time will tell what exactly the numbers end up being].  The reward from all this will end up being some 365 epic pieces that should prove quite useful in raiding.

4. In addition to that, I would recommend finishing questing in all the Cataclysm zones – at least on your main.  That way, you won’t have to do it later should they add any questlines/dailies later that require another zone be complete.  Again, it’s more money in your pocket and most of the content is easy at level 85.

5. Go ahead and finish any other grinds that you’ve been putting off.  Not got your Baradin trinket?  Still need that last pesky rep maxed?  Been putting off maxing your fishing or any other profession?  Go forth and do it.  Now is a great time for that.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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