Applying for a Guild Using “Looking for Guild”

Since the looking for guild tool was put into the game, I’ve watched our recruitment officers deal with using it.  It can be very beneficial in some respects but it comes with it’s own set of aggravations.  Here are some tips for easing that aggravation off recruitment officers.

1. Put a Note – One of the biggest gripes of our two recruitment officers is that some level 1-9 or 55-58 dk will put in an application and put absolutely no note or just a one line “can I join ur guild?”.  We’re a level 25, casual, family friendly guild.  Our guild is rightfully somewhat protective of itself and therefore these applications are likely to be declined without thought – especially if the applicant isn’t online.

2. Be Online at some point.  Our recruitment officers are on quite a bit – one only in the evenings and the other afternoon/evenings.  Despite the fact that I don’t and won’t do recruitment, I also check the names on the list in the mornings when I log in [I have a toon with invite privileges strictly for guildie alts to be invited].  Anyway, many of these people are NEVER on.  It’s like they create a new toon and forget [see number 1] or they are so rarely on that our officers can’t catch them to invite them.  We have 9 applications currently – two are guildie alts whom we haven’t caught online and one other has been in contact and is considering several guilds.  The other 6 just seem to be MIA.

3. We list in the guild finder what kind of people we’re looking for.  If you don’t fit the bill, don’t apply.  We don’t just blindly accept all applications.

4. If you’re a current guild member trying to get an alt in, don’t use ‘Looking for Guild’, just ask when people are on who can invite.

5. When our recruitment officers contact you to talk to you about an invite, be prepared to engage them in a little conversation.  It’s nothing too deep of course, but they simply want to get a feel for how you might fit into our guild.

6. Don’t stand in the fire.

What pet peeves do other recruitment officers have about this new system?

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

12 thoughts on “Applying for a Guild Using “Looking for Guild””

  1. We’re having similar issues – a lot of people who apply never seem to be online for an invite or a chat. Not to mention that 99% of them write nothing in the notes section, and if they do it’s something like “lf guild”.

    What happened to the finer arts of wanting to make a good impression/application to a new guild?

    I wish there was a button on there that would let you send an in-game mail/notification to the applicant. Sure, you can go to a mailbox and do it – but not when the applicant has a billion letters you can’t figure out how you would ever make your keyboard write them.

    1. Agreed. I don’t care so much about the ones who don’t bother to comment … those are just tossed. But the ones who do and seem like someone we would be interested in, but then are never online? I don’t get that.
      If it’s an alt that you’re not on much, apply on the toon you play.
      If you’re too busy playing Rift to log onto your WoW toon … remind me again why you’re applying to my guild?
      And yeah, if you have those funky characters in your name, you ARE much less likely to be contacted by me. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

      If you DO manage to leave a clearly written comment, be online, and be able to carry on a coherent conversation when I contact you … you may be like the recruit that I invited last night, who almost immediately received an invite to tonight’s raid.

      1. I’m gonna agree with Rep here. The biggest issue I have is that there are a few that I would like to get in the guild yet…they never are online. I even have taken the time to email them in game…no response.


        I think our guild recruitment even says please leave a note. Ha!

  2. As a GM I have a serious love-hate relationship with the GuildFinder. It’s an awesome tool for someone who’s new to the server to be able to find a guild they belong in without scouring websites and tawdry Trade ads. It’s a great tool for GMs to let others know that their guild is recruiting. But the tool itself is sorely lacking.

    We get a ton of applications just like the ones you describe, and most of them get deleted on sight. Moreover, I said specifically in our ad that people should visit our website to actually fill out a guild app (so we can ask the questions we actually care about, not just “what class/level/spec”), and out of all the apps on the GuildFinder, exactly *two* have filled out a real guild app.

  3. personally, i’ve only used it for alts so far, my major gripe is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to expand guild adverts. so sentences are cut off, theres probably some obvious thing i’m missing tho.

  4. I’m not associated with it in any way but there’s an awesome Addon that helps with processing applicants via the guild finder.

    Recruitment Enhancment

    It really works a treat, allows you to see all the applicant’s, if they’re online, and instantly invite or decline.
    It also has an in game mail system ( requires you to be at a Mailbox) with premade mail templates for you to use, to mail the applicant.

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