Interesting Times…

I logged on yesterday to my one level 85 horde toon – a holy pally… a holy cow to be exact, named Holykau!  I didn’t have any notion to level anything or really to do much as hubby and I will be moving servers shortly [but that story for another entry] so I figured I’d just chance a heroic on my tauren pally.  Her gearing is decent, but most of the healing gear she keeps picking up lacks spirit…  [I know, right?].  Anywho, I got into a really stupid Grim Batol run and after I was kicked, I got asked if I wanted to come to an ICC retro run.

My son was down for his nap, and I rather enjoy doing ICC achievements, so I said yes and got an invite.  The horde guild I’m in was teaming up with another horde guild to get things done.  We managed most of the fights on heroic mode, save Putricide and Lich King, but we got the achievements off those two [Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion and Been Waiting a Long time for This] and many achievements off the others.

The Lich King fight was a bit of a heartstopper.  Not everyone had logged into vent and no one was explaining the fights in text…  The first defile covered the entire platform… We had to move onto the throne ramp to survive and dodge a defile there!

Epic recovery though and to my chagrin, my inner raid leader stepped up and was calling things, since no one else would *sighs*.  But we did it – we one shot it, with some massive mess ups…

But the most exciting part of the night was that right as we were waiting for the post 10% RP to happen on LK,  hubby told me that the Tues/Wed raid group was asking for us to come give them a hand with Nefarian as they had two people out.  [The RP on the LK fight never took that long before, I swear!].

I still cannot stop laughing every time someone in my horde pally’s guild calls me “bro”, “dude” or “man”.

Anywho, I finished up, hopped over and despite hubby and I not having really done much with the fight, we managed to one shot Nefarian, then moved on to Bastion and downed Halfus and V/T.  Only had time for one shot at the council – which most of that group has not yet seen, so eh.

A full night of raiding… that I haven’t had in quite some time lol.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Interesting Times…”

  1. Jesus.. of all the things to mess up, they picked Defile? The one thing that REALLY doesn’t need explanation? “HAY! THERE’S SHIT ON THE GROUND!”… Isn’t that like… WoW 101? Don’t they tell you that when you sign up for trial accounts nowadays or something? My god, the level of utter omg sometimes never fails to amaze me.

    I’m sorry.. I don’t mean to gripe about your guildies or anything like that, but it just seems to me that the most basic concept of any fight in the existance of anything has been “Stuff on ground = GTFO”.

    1. I can’t deny some frustration myself… but then I honestly haven’t spent much time over there and I don’t think they raid much… I mean I got thanked for not ninja AFKing or leaving and sticking it out. But there is some epicness in pulling out a win after having a fight mess up that badly.

      Still, the much more satisfying part was the Nef one shot on my main 🙂

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