State of the Toons:

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted so I thought I’d give a “state of the toons” post.  I have a few other posts in mind and some of those should get developed soon 🙂

My Main
Askevar – I’ve been busy.  🙂  Hubby and I actually ended up changing servers and now we’re on Azuremyst in Eff the Ineffable.  Askevar’s been capping her VP most weeks, or near enough and she only needs two more pieces of VP gear for mainset.  She’s tanked in Firelands once and is scheduled to go again tonight.  We also managed our Defender of the Shattered World titles.  We’ve gotten to see downings of Shannox and Beth’tilac as well as the Effer’s first Baleroc downing!  I’m currently working on all the new Loremaster achievements and edging toward hubby’s 11k achievement points :P.  I’m 6 pets shy of having 150 – so I really need to get on that too!

Toon Army
Askalaphos, Alika, Allixie, and Arica [now Aricaa] all came to Azuremyst as well.   Alika and Allixie are still my primary alts and Askalaphos and Aricaa I enjoy playing on occasion but want mostly for their professions.  Hubby also insisted I xfer my mage, Aulao,  to our third account for free ports yo.  Most of the rest of my toon army have gone into what I call “semi-retirement” on Thorium Brotherhood.

New Alts
To be honest, I’m playing less and getting more done, or at least that’s how it feels.  We raid – we’ve done t11, t12 and also some retro stuff in the last few weeks and hubby and I are leveling a couple new toons each.  I’m leveling a resto druid which is paired with this fourth pally on this server and I’m also trying to catch up a new shaman to his rogue [he’s leveling that to help with the insane title].  So in the evenings we often run a random or two on either those or our mains for VP.

Thorium Brotherhood
While I said truthfully that most of my Thorium toons have gone into some semi-retirement state, I did roll another Askevar death knight over there, named Askevar [but who I’ll dub Askevar3] who is already level 60.  And I also got a level on my resto druid over there – Poem [mostly because waiting for hubby on the other druid is a pain at time :P].

Argent Dawn
I still log onto Holykau over on AD – very occasionally.  I got invited by a guild group in that horde guild to do a ZA run and then got ditched after the second boss when one of them apparently didn’t get the item the wanted, so I’ve honestly had less time for that guild due to that rude behavior – Kau has always had better luck pugging than guild groups.  I’ve actually started working on the AD disc priest a little more ally side.  She was stuck at level 80 for months and months… well, really since Cata hit.  She’s now 83 and I’m catching a random on her once a day or every other day rather than questing, so she’ll eventually hit 85.  Askevar2 will probably be sitting till Brewfest hits and we have that holiday dungeon to hit.

That’s pretty much it.  Life is good, both in and out of game 🙂

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

7 thoughts on “State of the Toons:”

  1. I miss you guys =(

    If only I could afford an active Sub and a server transfer.

    I look forward to SWTOR where hopefully we can start over together!

    1. Not to knock any Effer healers, who are awesome, but I do miss you having my back 🙂 You’ve healed meh since Ulduar and know how I move and pop cds 🙂 The only other person I’ve had more synergy with is Ven 🙂

  2. I certainly miss having you on ThoBro and I have been quite bummed about the game of late, with the sudden onset of changes/transfers and such. Sad things got to the point they did, but in the end, you have to do what’s fun for YOU, and starting fresh on Azuremyst was it.

    Miss you too, Kan.

  3. Hope all is well . . glad to hear things are going well in your new realm. Zannt and I retired from WoW. Just wanted to thank you folks for the times we had and hope the best for all.

    Perhaps we’ll see a few of you in SWTOR if we give that a shot in the future


  4. glad to see everyone is alright, i quit wow and online gaming, its amazing how much more free time i have now. I doubt i will be playing swtor so unless i bump into any of you, goodbye 🙂


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