On Leveling a New Mage:

No, I can’t give you food until level 38.

No, I can’t buff int until level 58.

No, I can’t spell steal until level 70.

No, I can’t teleport yet… I get my first self port at level 24.

No, I can’t decurse until level 30.

No, I can’t time warp until level 85.

No, I don’t have an aoe yet – I get arcane explosion at level 22 and blizzard at 52.

No, I’m not lying about not having above things yet.

This alt MAY be more trouble than it’s worth…

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “On Leveling a New Mage:”

  1. Yep, they totally screwed with mage spells. Slowfall, Remove Curse, Arcane Brilliance, and conjured foods are some of the worst/most mindboggling. So many things they pushed out to higher levels for virtually no reason. /sigh

    1. The most annoying part isn’t the lack of spells… it’s the fact that when I instance… or heck just pass through a major city [teleport requests already?!], I will inevitably get a whisper or a party request wanting one of the above. I will about 75% of the time also get called a liar when I respond that I can’t do “x” until level whatever.

  2. as someone who’s main is a mage, every time i re-level one it’s like a game of trying to do the same magethings i normally do without the abilities that make them MAGES 😀 like a puzzle i have to put together really, really slowly.

    i’d imagine as someone who hasnt leveled a billion mages, that’s probably really frustrating >.<

  3. Hehe, fortunately I haven’t had people pestering me about these things, but I’ve been struggling to get used to the new levels for certain abilities myself. If I had a penny for every time I tried to buff myself with arcane intellect pre-58… because it’s such an iconic mage ability and I had it when I first created this character, damn it!

  4. I’ve been WoW free for nearly a year.
    With all the things they’re doing to the game again, I feel no compulsion to start playing again.
    Plus since they won’t allow us to skin the pandas, there isn’t even that extra incentive.

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