State of the Toons:

Time for another sporadic “State of the Toons” post 😛

Askevar – Is right at the place I’d have wanted her to be.  She’s cleared normal Dragon Soul [and we got that Rag kill too] and we’re poised on the edge of working on heroic modes.  She’s the best geared she’s ever been [proportionally in an expansion] and I still love playing her.

Alika – Is my decently geared primary alt.  I usually run her through LFR and I still enjoy pally healing, though I’m not nearly as comfortable with it as with death knight tanking.

Tsali [Enhancement Shaman] – Rerolled on Azuremyst and my current enjoyment.  Still gearing her in HoTs and she’s been quite blessed by LFR RNG.  She hit 85 and within 2 days was LFR ready.

The rest of my Azuremyst toons get played sporadically aka whenever I get the notion.  My dk alt and fire mage get played more often.  My hunter, feral druid and resto druid get played less often.

My Argent Dawn toons are played even more sporadically… with the most often played of them being my tauren pally.  She has a new guild that I’m frankly not sure I like, but the last guild dried up and well… the person who got GMship transferred it and kicked everyone out of the level 1 guild that got left behind or maybe kicked us all out beforehand… eh it doesn’t matter.

My Thorium Brotherhood toons get played during holiday events and other than the fire mage over there, that’s about it.

SWTOR: Askevar is still level 47 and stuck there for the moment… questing has become a bit of a grind and I’ve been doing it in very limited doses… at most 30 minutes in a day.  I’ve just found the questing increasingly frustrating the higher I get.  I also enjoy my bounty hunter but yeah same deal.


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Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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