Achievementy Week [Image Heavy Post]

I’ve felt a little off this week and so I’ve devoted the time I’m online to grinding those few annoying achievements I hate [ie: rep grinding].

But first, look who I found out at Netherwing Ledge!


First off, our raid got Heroic Morchok the other week – Everyone worked very hard for that and we had quite a few mis-steps -including our poor hunter dc’ing one attempt, coming back and falling through the world to his death.  We couldn’t rez him and there was no body for him to run to so he had to take rez sickness before we tried again.

Firestorm kills Heroic Morchok


Anyway, one thing that’s been irking me is that Askevar was sitting at 18/20 Archaeology rares.  And the Professor title is one I’ve wanted since I heard it was being put in the game.  So I picked up Archaeology and ran with it, very quickly getting the 19th – the Pterrordax pet [yay for pet collector’s like me!].  As I was missing 3 rares in Northrend, one of them a blue Vrykul artifact, it seemed the place to start.  Sadly, no luck there.  The next day I went out to Outland, on a whim and one solve in had the Headdress of the First Shaman pop up.  While the item itself is useless to me [my shaman has been 85 a month and my hunter was transferred over… plus I have the guild boa helm] except it was my 20th solve!  Of course, in the process of solving it, I ended up getting the last Draenei artifact I was needing too, which I went ahead and finished just for completion.


Well given that was done first thing, I still had a little time and being a mere 100 points from revered with Shatari Skyguard, I hopped over to grind on that a bit.  The grind is ridiculously easy now at 85 [as it should be, being an old rep] but I remember grinding these on my old main… hence why I probably have held off.  Anywho, I quickly got exalted and the pet there and the mounts.  Yay!


In the process of that and quite by accident, I managed the “Bombs Away” achievement.



Well that done, I need a next project… which turned out to be grinding Netherwing exalted – which took 4 or 5 days total as I was quite lucky at finding the Netherwing Eggs.  I also got Skyshattered on the first try at hitting revered.  That’s a neat questline… and one I wish I had done sooner.  I really liked the ending of the line upon hitting exalted.  Naturally, I have bought all the netherwing drake mounts and have a mount count of 126.



And due to doing a little bit more PVP of late, plus converting a few Justice Points, I ended up with the 2k honor needed to buy the Stormpike Battle Charger… something I can’t believe I didn’t have.  I still need the PVP Elekk mount [I hate elekks] but I chose this one first because well… it has it’s own achievement!

By the way, The Unstoppable Force is available from the same vendor for 250 honor and it’s a pretty sweet looking black 2h mace!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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