Random SWTOR Screenshots

The Rakghoul plague ended a few days ago.  I managed to get hubby and I the title the very last day on a server where the alliance are outnumbered 3:1 on my count [there are 50 on the republic station when there are 150 on the empire one].  The key was hitting the bosses in the morning.  The empire is too well organized to hope to get much done in the evening if PVP is involved.  I won an epic shield for my tank off one of them and got hubby a lightsaber and 2 mods off the three bosses.  It was tricky as I had my three year old son running Venoym’s toon [A Jedi Shadow]… which produced some very interesting results.

Anyway, here’s an updated screenshot of Askevar.  She honestly hasn’t changed much in looks.  I’ve done no heroics, or raids beyond that world boss event.  We’re paid through July, including the free loyalty month, so nearer to then we’ll have to decide whether to renew or not.  I play a few times a week [usually a couple hours Tuesday morning and a couple hours on the weekend but it varies wildly] so not sure it’s worth continuing to subscribe after that… but we’ll see.

That’s Doc in the background – my favorite companion.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to finish the companion questline because I totally want to get Askevar and Doc together but that means dark side points and she’s a total goody-goody with “the Pure” title :).  I also still need to finish the last steps in her class questline as I sorta stopped when I hit 50.

I do have one alt that I’ve worked on.  She’s a Bounty Hunter and hit level 26 due to the event dailies.  Here is her on a speeder… bugged due to the plague hitting her just as she started the ride.  Sadly it’s the only screenshot I have of her at all…

And here are two more shots – one of Ask looking all fierce with her new lightsaber crystal [from a blue to an epic that was twice the stats] and one of her all infected with the Rakghoul Plague.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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