Updated: Pre-Panda Goals

World of Warcraft:
*Ogrila Exalted [Askevar]
*Stormpike Exalted [Askevar]
*Avengers of Hyjal Exalted [Askevar]
*Get some of the PVP achieves done [Askevar]
*100k Gold Looted Achievement
*Get the Tol’vir mount and pet [Askevar]
*Finish Shadowmourne 22/50 [Askevar]
*Finish collecting the DMF pets and mounts [1 mount left]
*Max out Leatherworking and Herbalism on AZM [Qeziah]
*Salty [Askevar]
*Turtle Mount [Askevar]
*Fox Kit
*Polar bear
*Sewer Rat
*Cenarion Molten Core set [Aricaa]
*Level a mage on my battlenet to 85 so I have all classes
*Thorough cleaning of toons banks and bags
*Complete the Cata zones on my AZM toons for money/etc [if really bored]

Other Games:
SWTOR: Finish the class questline on Askevar before the sub runs out.
Diablo 3: Just see the rest of the game on the Barbarian
STO: Try Star Trek Online
Lotro: Play some Lotro with Endyme


Frenzyheart Exalted [Askevar]
Mercenary of Sholazar [Askevar]
Ratchet Exalted [Askevar]
Everlook Exalted [Askevar]
Get the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth [Askevar]
Get the Vial of the Sands [Askevar]
Get the Vial of the Sands Pattern [Aricaa]
Hit 12k achievement points
Grind Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade [Askevar]
Finish Well Read on primary alts
Max Engineering on AZM
SWTOR: Hit level 50 on Askevar

Knowing my previous record and depending on RNG, I expect to get about half of the rest done.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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