My Next Project:

Soloing Bosses 😀

Mainly inspired by my husband’s drive to get the 100,000 gold looted, which he achieved last week.  You can get an impressive amount of gold simply by soloing old raids.  I’m sitting at roughly 74k of 100k right now.

So far I’ve soloed:

Molten Core: 9/9
Magtheridon 1/1
Naxxramas: 15/15
Vault of Archavon 3/4 – Have Toravon left
Tempest Keep 4/4
Serpentshrine Caverns 5/6
AQ40 – 9/9
AQ20 –  6/6
Blackwing Lair 8/8


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

12 thoughts on “My Next Project:”

    1. I didn’t think I was either… In fact, I figured this would be a very boring prospect. It wasn’t until I started that I realized it was fun to see just what I could do.

      And I’m small potatoes compared to what some others have soloed but I suppose they started somewhere too 🙂

  1. Gluth will be the most interesting to do. It looks like you need around 20k+ DPS to beat the hard enrage and overpower his healing. Razuvious just takes a bit of luck with not getting a lot of hits through – he still hits like a truck, and I’ve found DPSing his adds down first and using any trinket cool downs as they become available helps a lot. After that, Gothik and 4 Horsemen are easy 🙂

    1. I tried Raz once and ALMOST had him… just took too many hits. I’ve been using my H-Ultraxion set [tank 4 piece and the rest dps gear] so I may need to swap my tank trinkets back in for that fight.

      I’ll give him another go either tonight or tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  2. I’s impressed. Some of thems be way inta the realm of notfuhggintrivial. Lookin’ at you, Kael’thas. ‘Course, I’s always amusified at what Chess be so damn hard fer ta solo.

    1. Kael’thas took a few wipes to learn the dance. Aside from that Emalon and Patchwerk were actually the most difficult. There are a lot of abilities that some of the bosses don’t use with only one person there.

      For example, Kael’thas doesn’t MC if there’s only one person. Nor does Maxenna web someone on the wall.

      But thanks 😀

  3. Crazy DKs! I’ve always thought Minerva was super impressive, that DK who’s solo’d lots of stuff. I’ve tried lots as my paladin, as ret (and prot in LK) right now. I think i’ve gotten about as much as you done in AQ40, and I just kind of gave up at the chess match in Khara haha!

    But yes, gold flows well from bosses! Kudos to you for Kael’thas. He’s a tough bugger I won’t even try. 😮

    1. I doubt I’ll do quite as much as Minerva, who I agree is super impressive – I think they solo’d the LK even… [CRAZY]

      My hubby, who is a pally [prot/ret] is working on Kael’thas now. He said it’s going to take some more tweaking to suit his class, but he’s come close a couple times now

      1. Well gee, he’ll just have to tell me how to do it in detail once he accomplishes it! Well… if he wishes to share, that is. 😉

      1. Awesome. 🙂 I’ve been trying to do my quote on quote bucket list much like you have, before Mists is released. Getting Kael’thas down solo would be pretty rocking.

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