Diablo 3

Well hubby and I both beat D3 Normal mode [me last night, him this morning].  We’ve also both started Act 1- Nightmare mode and it seems to be going well.  He’s running a monk and I’m running a barbarian.  I think we’ve both just beat the Skeleton King on Nightmare mode and we’re both about level 35.

We’re both from the school of explore everything and pick everything up.  We have remarkably similar playstyles for Diablo 3 and yet neither of us is much for the co-op mode, even with each other.  In fact, while we’ve both had a friend pop into our games once, neither of us has popped into the other’s game… at all.  Neither have either of us purchased anything from the Auction House.

The couple of times we have had trouble, we’ve been willing to help… it’s just not been necessary yet.  I suspect as we get into the higher level gameplay, that’ll change some.  But it seems to be smooth sailing for now 🙂

The story was engaging, if predictable and I’m definitely enjoying it more than I expected 🙂

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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