My Transmog Successes and Fails…

Here are a few of the other transmog sets my toons have.  Some have full sets and others just a few pieces I have yet to tie together:

Alika is dressed mostly in the current tier [Tier 13] but complemented with an old shield and weapon – The Cudgel of Consecration and the Aegis of the Vindicator.  I like the pink in the outfit and that the weapon/shield combo complemented those colors adequately.



Allixie is shown here with the Gurthalak blade transmogged into a Mok’Nathal Warblade, which I really loved the look of.  The rest of her gear [especially this tank set] is mish mash, but meh, the blade looks GOOD.


This mage has one of my incomplete transmog sets… I really want to build a set around the robe and shoulders, but have yet to do so.  The chestpiece is the Windroc Shroud off a Nagrand Quest.  The shoulders are the Lightning Infused Mantle.


Arica has the classic “Cenarion Set” from Molten Core – also known as Tier 1.  This is one of the few helms in the game that I can stand.



Yes, my poor hunter looks hideous!  I totally did transmog her helm into Maulgar’s Warhelm.  It had a very special place for me back in BC and is tied to some nice memories.


My old main – Carlyn – a warlock is decked out in her Tier 4 Karazhan set.  I love the helm on this and since I really have no hope of getting her tier 6 as I no longer play her or play on her server… well it’ll have to do 🙂


My first priest is decked out in Tier 1 Molten Core set as well.  I farmed it specifically for her because I adored the look… and it’s the only priest tier I really really like.  Kintara has in fact moved over to Azuremyst, though she’s rocking a new name these days 🙂


And Poem, the druid on my old server is sitting in the Cenarion set with one minor alteration.  The chestpiece is mogged to Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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