MoP is Imminent….

So we have a date and it’s 2 months out now…  Knowing that we can count on probably a month and a half before pre-patch drops.  This also throws my “Bucket List” into overdrive and prioritizing.

Tier 1: MUST get done.
– continue soloing old raids each week for transmog stuff/money
– Finish out the Cata zone questing on all my AZM toons [only 1 left to go]
– Keep pushing in the heroic modes department with the raid team – we’re 5/8H right now
– Level my MoP farm alt to 85 so I can funnel both herbs and ore to Askevar
– sort through bags and banks of all toons.  Put what can be in void storage
– Clear out personal bank/sell off items.

Tier 2: If I have time
– Questing on off-server alts in Cata zones

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “MoP is Imminent….”

  1. I keep thinking about my list of things to do, and if I wrote them down people would laugh at me!

    Actually, maybe that would make a good post indeed.

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