I’ve written several partial posts but haven’t actually posted anything in a bit so I thought I’d address this new thing.

At first blush, I’m actually in favor of this.  Our subscriptions to SWTOR run out mid month this month and we were [and still are] planning to let them lapse.  I’ve played more than hubby and we both have max level toons but we don’t seem to play all that much.  With MoP incoming in two months we need that money we’d spend to purchase the new WoW expansion, money is tighter than it used to be and frankly, it’s not worth paying 15 bucks to quest twice a month, especially when our focus right now is going to be WoW and prepping for the expansion.

We HAVE done space battles but neither of us has done either Pick up group instances or used the group finder so it seems the f2p option would suit me decently [thus far].  Depending on a variety of things, I could see myself picking up the sub for a month or two here and there, but not permanently.  The questing is my focus – not the raiding [ops] or the space battles or the pvp.

In summation, this change might keep me playing off and on probably about like LotRO… mostly when WoW and Diablo are down.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “SWTOR F2P”

  1. Pretty much in agreement here. I’ve held onto the sub longer than I should have, really, since I haven’t even played in a couple of months now. Looking forward to MoP and having so many new things to do in WoW. Definitely won’t have time for another MMO then. Even with F2P it’s not very likely that I would bother patching/updating just to log in for an hour every other month.

    1. We initially signed up for the six month plan and got an extra month via the promotion, so it’s just coming up for us.

      I patch Lotro about once every six months [aka about as often as I play it] But yeah, with pre-xpac prep and then the expansion, I doubt I’ll have time for much else gaming-wise.

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