A few days ago, Navimie came over to visit me on Azuremyst!  I was so honored that she came by and completely squee’d when she whispered my druid to ask if Askevar had been online lately!  I hopped over to Ask quick as I could and summoned her to Stormwind.  I was very flattered that she liked my title and conned the hubby into logging on for a few so he could take screenshots with us 🙂

Here’s her post – I was so excited and engaged in our conversation that I only snagged one screenshot 😀


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Navispammed!”

  1. Am I spazz? How did I miss this post?? OMG HOW HORRIBLY RUDE OF ME NOT TO RESPOND TO IT!!

    Loved chatting to you my dear sweet Askevar 🙂 And you guys are so cool! And that rooftop…

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