Preparing for MoP as a Tank:

The key to surviving an expansion without completely going insane is to manage your expectations.  Expect it to suck and you dread the drop date.  Expect it to be the neatest thing since sliced bread and you’re bound to be disappointed.

For the tank, while the rules may change and your abilities may change your job stays the same.  You are the one taking the hits so the rest of your team is able to do their job and take down the mobs.  You are the protector, or in Leverage lingo – the hitter.

Now I’ll be honest right here and say that I have spent basically no time on the PTR.  I have done very little in terms of actually getting ready to have Askevar be able to seamlessly do her job when the prepatch hits on the 28th.  It sounds like we’re heading back to the Burning Crusade school of tanking – where the tank has to be hit to get threat and the more they get hit, the more threat they generate.  What this likely means is that tanks are going to need a moment to wrangle aggro.  [That conclusion is based completely on what LITTLE I have heard and read btw, so may not be accurate].  And this whole active mitigation thing?  Sounds a lot like what I’m already doing.

Yes, I know things are going to change… but after surviving so many expansions hitting, it loses it’s upset factor in many ways.  Just creates headaches.

I’ve proven to my guild that I’ll do what it takes to get my job done and then some.  My guildies have proven that they’ll do the same and have my back.  I feel like we’re in a good place 🙂

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

2 thoughts on “Preparing for MoP as a Tank:”

  1. I think for us DK’s little will change from what I’ve heard. The other tanks are going to have the most relearning to do. I had switched to frost DW to bring the DPS (only because I can’t play enough to feel comfortable tanking), but I’m thinking about diving back in. I miss being the center of the action :-). I look forward to your take on blood tanking once we’re in it.

    1. I would tend to agree as well. I am interested to see how Blood tanking is treated. But I’m also interested to see how my hubby and co-tank handles the pally changes.

      I can’t stand dps as a dk right now. I even ditched my dps spec and got a second tanking variant when hubby said that he didn’t mind going dps when one of us needed to. I’m hoping for a change there because for a while at least I’ll need a dps spec of some sort.

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