3 Years of Blogging… [IMAGE HEAVY]

Well today is the third anniversary of the existence of this blog.

Wow.  Even I can’t believe it’s been that long!  I decided to do a little screenshot montage of my WoW existence.  Burr, Kan, Endy – you may see yourselves in some of these.  Definitely Ven too.

RP Wedding held on our one year anniversary
Hanging with Ony
Carlyn – my warlock and Vanilla/Burning Crusade main
Askevar in Naxxramas
Ulduar… oh that helm is ugly.
Undying Run
Uh yeah… the dwarf… that was my GM at the time.
Still can’t believe someone else on the server had such a similar name… even more I can’t believe I ran into them!

Icecrown Citadel…
Finally getting Anub 25! I see Mik there! And Vor too!

Aren’t we cute? A paladin and a death knight… what an unholy alliance!

More ICC adventuring

Me and my loyal army… no longer just ghouls!