Preparing for Mists

Well as I sit here and write this, I’ve just finished the grind for all the Argent Tournament mounts.  As of last night, my bank guild is sitting at level 5 and since my bank alt will be second leveled in MoP, that will be nice [may try for level 6 this week for the extra xp but it depends].  My bank alt is max herbalism and mining [was a few weeks ago] to supply ore and herbs for Askevar’s Inscription and Jewelcrafting.

I’ve got most of my goals completed – all my Azuremyst toons have done all the Cataclysm zones to max out their gold, I have professions situated, banks cleared, void storage packed up with what I want to keep in terms of gear and I’ve sold off a lot of materials and still working on that – probably right up till the expansion drops.

I haven’t done much questing on off server alts, but they’re going into hibernation for at least a few months other than checking mail.  The horde paladin might get leveled sooner… just for the account wide achievement of having toons on both sides of the fence but we’ll have to see.  All my current 85s will eventually hit 90 but that’s going to be a while.

And for now I’m excited about the new achievements and zones to explore on Askevar.  I fully expect Venoym and I will hit 90 on our mains by the weekend, which is fine with us and then we’ll finish questing the new zones 🙂

Oh, don’t forget to log in all your toons intially.  You had to do that last expansion to start the rested XP accumulating.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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