Of Achievements and Things… [Graphic heavy]

The last few days have been achievement filled for Venoym and I!

Well last week I finished the first part of the Wrathion questline and got my quest for 6k valor [understandable but ugh].

Wrathion gives me my gem.  Now when will Sha of Fear give me my weapon?
Wrathion gives me my gem. Now when will Sha of Fear give me my weapon?


This past Monday we got into a run with some friends in ICC.  Sadly they already had a shard collector [Ven and I are doing a run Tuesday to try and start finishing mine out] but we managed to kill the other heroic mode we needed [Putricide] AND get heroic Lich King 25 for Light of Dawn, something Ven and I haven’t managed to catch.


Bye Arthas!  Again!
Bye Arthas! Again!


Just a couple days ago, Ven and I both finished out the Operation Shieldwall questline [which is really fantastic by the way – no spoilers though].


Operation Shieldwall: DONE.
Operation Shieldwall: DONE.


And right after that, we finished up the Chi Ji quest achievement.  You basically have to do the Krasarang dailies for August Celestials 15 times I think wowhead says?  But done and done.


Another achievement - DONE.
Another achievement – DONE.



Last night we went with BigBearButt into his Ulduar 25 retro run and finished out the achievements for the meta.  We spammed about 100 lines in Band of Misfits chat too and well… we kept saying we broke it because achievements kept popping up every bit from several minutes before.  Anyway, glad to have the Ironbound protodrake – something Ven and I weren’t sure we’d ever see.  And it was a BLAST.


Ulduar Funtimes!
Ulduar Funtimes!



After Ulduar, we went and trounced ToC 25 heroic and got a few of the extra achievements in there and then smashed Malygos 25 in the face.  Then ventured back to take out Heroic Halion 25.  OW.  We killed it but OW.


Barney's on fire!  Err.... Halion.  Anyway, dead!  Moar funtimes!
Barney’s on fire! Err…. Halion. Anyway, dead! Moar funtimes!



After raid Ven and I did our usual dailies.  We’ve been doing Golden Lotus dailies every day to try and finish out the few achievements we need [ie the no damage ones] and hoping for Skyshards.  Ven has 2, I’m sitting at 6.  Anyway, “The Thunder Below” happened to be up and it was the last one we needed for “One Step at a Time”, so we got that first for me, and then for him.


One more down!
One more down!



And finally we queued for part of LFR and while waiting chased pet battling


I really need to get a pet to level 25...
I really need to get a pet to level 25…

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