I’m a list kind of person so I thought I’d go ahead and make a list of my WoW goals.  Some of them are longer term than others.

Isle of Thunder Stuffs
1. Achievements on Isle of Thunder
2. Farm the Tome of Dinomancy on my hunter alt

Pet Battles:
1. Finish collecting as many pets as possible… I’m at 517/543 according to warcraftpets.
2. Try to get rid of my poor and common wild pets. [0 poor/2 common]
3. Work on upgrading all uncommon pets to rares. [91]

1. Level my bank alt. [Level 89]
2. Get my other death knights to 90. [90 and 85]
3. Level my other 85s to 90
4. Bank Guild to Level 25 – [Level 20 now]

1. Work on continuing to craft one panther mount a month.
2. Look at eventually getting the new engineering mounts
3. Fish up a Sea Turtle
4. Daily ZG Run for Raptor Mount

I may add more later

Pets I still Need:
Argent Gruntling
Blossoming Ancient
Coilfang Stalker
Crawling Claw
Direhorn Runt
Gryphon Hatchling
Lesser Voidcaller
Living Fluid
Pygmy Direhorn
Qiraji Guardling
Spectral Porcupette
Stunted Direhorn
Tainted Waveling
Tiny Blue Carp
Tiny Green Carp
Tiny Red Carp
Tiny White Carp
Unborn Valkyr
Viscous Horror
Wind Rider Cub

Gonna try and whittle down that list bit by bit.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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