The Path to 90 for Alts:

Here’s the path I use for leveling alts:


1. Jade Forest to 86.  If DPS sit in queue for the 2 lower level dungeons while I quest.  If tank or heals, queue when I want to do them.

2. At 86 go to Valley, remain in queue if I haven’t completed both dungeons.

3. At 87 get the quest in Halfhill to go to Kun-lai.  Do the quests on the Veiled Stair to get there.  Quest through Kun-lai until completion [I love this zone].  Should get me well into 88 but perhaps to 89 depending on how many instances I do. Queue once again for the two new instances available at 87.

4. Once Kun-lai is done or at 89, hit Dread Wastes till 90.


I have varied on this once, finishing Jade forest to completion and then hitting Krasarang, but I typically like the familiar path to do it more expediently.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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