Wherein I Refuse to PVP Flag and I Don’t Feel Bad About Leaving Comrades Who Did to Die…

Last night we went Warbringer hunting… four people from our guild :P.  Ven had crashed and I totally got sucked into it…  but we did get two mount drops over the course of the night…  I just didn’t get one 😛  Yet.


Anywho, favorite part of the night… we end up waiting at a Warbringer spawn with another ally group and at least one horde group.  Randomly, the horde group PVP flags.  The other ally group then begins to do battle with them and eventually the ally group gets stomped.

Warbringer spawns, horde has the tag… and they’re still flagged.  I figure that they’ll probably be toast, so I put an icy touch on the mob and watch and wait while the other ally group and the rest of my group goes to town on the horde.  Horde dies.  Big shock.  Not sure why you would PVP flag while hunting these mounts… just sounds like a bad idea to me [of course I believe that PVP flagging ever is not a good thing].  Next thing I know, the warbringer runs over and says “HAI!  I like you now!” and I realize that we have the tag.

Everyone else is still battling each other like crazy… but the tag was ours and since I wouldn’t PVP flag… well… they couldn’t exactly kill me.  Did I mention we’d been running without a healer on the warbringer hunting?  And I instructed the rest of my group to not heal me [windwalker monk, feral druid, dps warrior].

So we got it… all because I refuse to PVP flag.

For once I didn’t feel too bad about leaving comrades to die who chose to PVP flag.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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