A Treasure Trove of Gear for Alts:

I’ve found a few methods of maximizing my ability to gear my alts and thought I’d share.  Some of this is probably obvious but was something that didn’t occur to me the first week.

1. Treasure trove keys drop like candy off the rares.  Bring your alt over and kill a rare [took 2 rares on a few alts] and get a weekly easy treasure trove key.  Run the solo dungeon and focus on looting every chest in the first room for Elder Coins.  A bad run nets me 10 Elder Coins.  A good run gives me at or near 20.  These are fantastic to gear up your alts through the old raid finders!

2. Run the island progression scenarios!  These net 25 valor straight up.  If you still aim to cap a toon, wait until you have as you will then get 37-38 valor on alts.  That may not seem like much, but I know it can make a difference between getting a piece and having to grind one more dungeon/scenario, so well worth it.  Also, if you die in these scenarios due to lack of gear or practice on the alt?  It doesn’t reset!  You can literally die through the scenarios, though that’s obviously not the ideal way 😛

3. Treasure trove runs also net historical documents that you can use to buy BoA Kirin Tor Rep insignias and the Burial chests can often contain BoA Shado Pan Assault insignias that you could send to your main!  Besides, getting Honored with Kirin Tor Assault can provide a 476 ilevel belt for one or both of your specs with the only cost being gold!  A fantastic way to gear up an offset or an alt who hasn’t managed to get a belt yet.  Simply doing the progression scenarios and Treasure trove for a couple weeks has gotten several of my alts over halfway through friendly [having bought the commendation for double rep on my main].  A little questing and you can easily hit honored in a day or two.

4. One other thing… they increased the time you have to spend a coin in a raid.  You DO have time to swap specs and blow a coin.  If you’re having a bit less time and have the ability and gear to queue as a tank or healer, consider it!  You will still be able to swap specs after the boss dies and roll for offspec.  I realize that’s not as attractive to queue in an offspec, but when I have extra coin rolls on my healers, I’ve actually been swapping to try and get gear for my off-set and I’ve won a few things so it does work!


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “A Treasure Trove of Gear for Alts:”

  1. Great read! I didn’t think of switching specs for my roll. I’ve been mainly a DW frost Dk, but my other spec is blood I use for soloing. Without tanking lfr I couldn’t get much gear beyond heroics ( valor is used for my main spec). I will have to try this! Besides I need to do lfr anyway for the 6,000 valor quest.

    1. Yeah I noticed that the bar for the time on the coin roll was much longer on my horde paladin and spec-swapped to see if I could get gear for her offset [holy MS/ret OS]. Her holy gear is over 470 but her ret gear is like 429 ilevel and I ended up getting a pair of dps shoulders she could use! I was thrilled! Since she’s an alt and off-server and opposite faction, she’s just been lucky to have her healing set be so good. The ret gear will make questing easier.

      But yeah, I may have to look and see if there’s anything I could use for my dps set on my ,main in the old raids and spec swap to fill in holes [I’m the opposite of you, blood mainspec and 2h frost offspec].

    2. Oh also, in terms of soloing, if you can get a good 2h weapon that would be fantastic for the blood spec, but using dps gear actually makes it go faster! Once I built up my dps gear, I started using it with my blood spec to solo raids and such… survivability and dps… what a combo!

  2. Thanks for number 4. I’d never thought of that.

    My main is a Resto/Feral druid and I queue for everything as Healer, so my dps (soloing gear) is quite lacking, almost 25 iLvls.

    This will help immensely.

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