The Oppression in Orgrimmar

I’m sure a couple other people have discussed this, but I went on an exploration mission to see just how Orgimmar is affected based on what I’ve heard.  Evidence of Garrosh losing it is out of control even in the Valley of Strength [the front of Ogrimmar where most horde hang out].

Until he was updated to elite level 90, Gamon was a mob that most horde ran into and one shot [a loved punching bag].  Now he’s elite and 90 and surrounded by Korkron threatening him.


But the worst of it is the area where the trolls hang out, the Valley of Spirits.  Every trainer has Korkon standing over him.  There are snipers ready to fire on unsuspecting troll citzens.  Anyone who proclaims that Vol’jin lives is shot on the spot.  That area is literally shut down – no business allowed.  It would be the equivalent of the dwarven district being shut down in Stormwind, so it’s kinda important.

Korkron Sniper at the ready
Korkron Sniper at the ready
Korkron Korkron everywhere!
Korkron Korkron everywhere!
No training today!
No training today!
Vol'Jin loyalist - murdered in the street
Vol’Jin loyalist – murdered in the street

I’m sure there are other little things I missed because I don’t do more than dabble horde side, but I know a lot of people may not even see this much.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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