Zookeeper Askevar!

Been meaning to make this post for a few days now… but got caught up with events over the weekend….

I logged on last Friday not truly expecting to have a real shot at the pet.  I mean, at 9 AM on my main server there were probably about 15 people milling abouts.  Within about twenty minutes the spawn next to me popped and three of us somehow managed to get the achievement off it…  Apparently we all clicked right at that same milli-second or something?  And it was even a green quality to top it off.


Qiraji Guardling!
Qiraji Guardling!


Since I had such luck with that spawn, I then took myself over to Northrend and did a few circuits on a couple different servers and managed to snag an Unborn Val’kyr – poor quality – but I got a stone to bump it up to rare as well.





One thing that I found interesting was the comparison of low pop server versus low pop CRZ.  Thorium Brotherhood, my old server, is rather… low pop but the spawns were hideous there  [farming one for the hubby]

On Azuremyst, which has much more people than ThoBro, there were fewer people camping and the spawns seemed more frequent.

And while I didn’t check out Argent Dawn with this pet, which is a high pop server, it’s also the one where I went over to Felwood and found two Minfernals just sitting and waiting for people to come by.  I also got my Giraffe Calf and Spawn of Onyxia on there, just flying through the zones.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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