Mount Weekend!

It’s been a good couple of days for attaining mounts!

Yesterday I got the final Skyshard I needed for the mount off Alani.

Alani Mount!
Askevar the original on the Ruby Cloud Serpent – which is gorgeous!

And today, I was running my last toon through the daily “Zul’Gurub Raptor Grind” and fussing to hubby about having run it enough times that I should have gotten the drop already, when lo and behold it dropped!  I’ve run that for the past month on 4-5 toons a day.  Yes, persistence is my key… and it pays off, usually sooner than it did here 😛

Askevar3 on ThoBro on the raptor she just got!
Askevar3 on ThoBro on the raptor she just got!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

6 thoughts on “Mount Weekend!”

    1. Thanks! Always nice when it does! Now I just need to find the Pygmy Direhorn and the Tiny Red Carp… along with the other mounts I’m still seeking 😀

      Always fun to have something to chase too!

    1. I basically just did the Golden Lotus dailies every day on Askevar [actually probably 75-80% of the time] and occasionally on alts when they became BoA. I never farmed mobs for them.

      About 3 came from mob drops and the other 7 from the box at the end.

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