If You Have to Cheat…

So yesterday I decided that my bank guild HAS to have the Horde Slayer meta… so I can have the little pet over there to sell stuff too for soloing.  I figured I’d also take it as a chance to try to finish the monk’s legendary… and to try some PVP battlegrounds… and if I liked it I could work on some of it on Askevar for achievement totals.

I started out trying to complete the legendary but that wasn’t making Horde Slayer go very fast… 10 versus 10 is limited on race/class combos… so I queued up for both 40 man BGs… and tried both and decided that farming Isle of Conquest looked to be my best bet.  It has a high chance of ally winning and it provides some very good points from which to aoe and get lots of kills with a pack.  Both the Workshop and the Docks were great.  I got a couple of groups that were kill farming in the keep… called TBT for some reason so that helped some.  But… in this experimentation with PVP, I discovered something extremely distasteful that I don’t find much in the PVE aspect – True honest to goodness cheating.

The first time I noticed it, it was whilst waiting for the gate to open… and someone from our side capped a node.  There’s apparently some kind of speed hack that’s popular in the battlegrounds presently.  I won’t list the name here that I was told in BG chat but suffice to say it’s popular.    This particular time the guy was reported and kicked from the BG in short order.  I was pleased to see that.

The next two times I encountered this, the offender wasn’t kicked [though I reported them for cheating and tried to initiate a bg kick].

This latest time I saw this particular hack, there was a lot of commentary in BG chat about it… and a chorus of “Yay, he’s making us win!”.

I responded, “And he’s reported.”


I responded that I wasn’t willing to risk my account for someone else to cheat.  I have no idea if it’s a true risk there… I feel like I’ve done my due diligence… but I remember people getting suspended back when win trading was a thing, because they randomed into the wrong battleground where a form of cheating was going on…

Before much else could be said I got kicked.

Yes, they kicked me, for admitting to reporting a cheater and encouraging others to do the same.  [And to no surprise to me, the cheater was from the Kel’Thuzad realm… a good experience with that realm is rare anyway and this is PVP where things are more rabid].

Despite that, I’d do it again.

But anyway, that’s not my point… if you have to cheat in a bg… especially one that alliance seems to win 95% of the time anyway [I’ve lost one game and played 13 thus far], then what kind of player are you?  I mean win ratio, aside, you’re a cheater too.

I’ve seen complaints about the lack of integrity in PVE content… what I’ve seen today in battlegrounds makes those people look like pristine angels.

But seriously, if you have to win by cheating, how can that possibly be satisfying?  And how is it even a win?

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “If You Have to Cheat…”

  1. PvP players are a different kind of animal. I have to agree with you – I’d rather report cheaters and get kicked (who wants to play cheaters anyway?) then have even the slightest risk of getting my account banned.

    I’m betting the ones who love cheating to help them win will be crying the loudest when their accounts get hacked or they get banned.

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