Death Knight Appreciation Week

So apparently I missed the memo on the proposed Alt Appreciation Weeks but hey, I’m glad i didn’t miss a week!  I have alts of every class but probably the most DK alts.  Yeah, my main is a death knight too.  And they all have blood specs.  Some have dps specs too but all of them have blood specs.

Why death knights?  I don’t know.  They just feel right to me.  I’ve heard the claim that dks are boring because you only spam death strike but that’s really an oversimplification.  And I’ve also heard it’s too hard.  Personally I enjoy the synergy I have with my husband’s paladin.  And maybe that’s really the difference for me there.

Anyway, here’s Askevar in her “Lich Queen” outfit.  Most of my death knights are mogged similarly as I like the outfit and unlike many others seems to suit them.

[CUT for many images below]


Now, for my alts…  Well the first dk I rolled was an alt on my second account on the old server who ended up coming with us and being transferred to my account.  I just loved death knights so much I rolled a second one and had the benefit of being able to help in my best role on alt raids.  She’s a gnome… and adorable with pink ponytails!


Because of the burden of command, so to speak, and the invitation of all to a blogger guild rolled on Argent Dawn, I made a death knight there to be an escape.  Askevar the second looks very much like my main, save with white hair.


And when we left Thorium Brotherhood, I rolled another death knight there as a placeholder/toon to level to help the old guild someday if needed.  Most of them ended up coming with us, so that dk sits mostly unused.  She was only leveled to 90, in fact, so she could be an additional toon to solo raids when needed for mounts and pets.


In terms of sub 90s, I have a few DK alts languishing abouts.  First is my Herald toon who is geared and ready to go, but doesn’t quite have the title yet.  She’s an Askevar as well but a gnome version


And then I have a couple of horde DKs sitting around and who have been sitting on random servers.  And truth be told, I don’t expect any of them to be leveled.  They were rolled on random servers because either I felt like rolling another dk [and had the one server limit at the time]  or I rolled them to hang out in the guild of a friend, which is pretty much why these are still around.

Yes, I'm a dork who just made a collage of horde dks..
Yes, I’m a dork who just made a collage of horde dks..

Anyway, I love dks 😀  As should be abundantly clear!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Death Knight Appreciation Week”

  1. Ok, if you can level that many deathknights, surely I can get one out of Hellfire Peninsula…

    Your Gnomes are especially awesome. I’d really really hate to be killed by either of them.

    1. I like the starter sets too… they don’t seem to have many sets for death knights that look… well death knighty? But I do like those starter sets! Thanks for coming by! Hopping over to your blog now!

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