Druid Appreciation Week #DruidWeek

So in honor of Druid Appreciation week, here be my druids:


I started Aricaa back in BC and leveled her… tried resto one time [it was very fail] and ended up going Feral [tank mainly then].  I actually had my first tanking experience on her, not the death knight.  I had just gotten her to 70 and we were a tank short for Gruul’s Lair [for the High King Maulgar fight].  I had literally just defense capped her that afternoon and hubby had me hop over and tank the warlock guy… so basically get feared around the room while trying to hold aggro.  After Cataclysm dropped, she ended up going solidly kitty dps, though I think she still has a tank spec on her to this day… I just find druid tanking to be somewhat frustrating, though I will admit readily that i haven’t truely given it a recent fair shake… maybe I’ll give it a go this week…


Qeziah was started with the intention of being my resto/boomkin druid… well… resto healing frustrates me too but I actually manage to get by in LFR and be competitive.  I prefer to not rely on HoTs as a healer so she honestly doesn’t get much playtime.  I hated boomkin so much when I tried it that I ended up going feral for her offset… that plus a BoA 471 polearm didn’t hurt either for leveling from 85-90…  And I really love feral druiding 😀  The set on the left is her resto mog and the set on the right is her feral mog.


And lastly, I loved the look of the troll boomkin so much that I ended up making a druid boomkin banker on my horde server…  He just handles auctions and banking but it works…   Heh, maybe I’ll even try a LFD run this week…


Oh I suppose I should also mention the worgen druid I rolled on my second account… that well… isn’t likely to be played anytime soon… she’s mostly mogged in the Cenarion set also [Molten Core sets are easy to come by early on and most are pretty nifty] with Phaelia’s Vestments for a chest piece.  Mostly I just loved the mixture of her name and being a worgen…


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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