#HunterWeek Hunter Appreciation Week


I have at least one of every class so I do indeed have a hunter.  In fact, I have a couple of them… but only one that’s max and the others I plan to delete [ie, there’s only one I care enough about here to show].  It’s a class that I have a very on again/off again relationship with.  My hunter was an early alt rolled in vanilla/BC time right after starting the game.  It got leveled to max [70] second and was an alt I raided on occasionally in Karazhan.  As odd as it as back then, she was a tailor/enchanter.  And by the time I realized the benefit of using other professions for a hunter, she already had too many tailoring recipes to realistically replace, so she’s stayed thus.   I did the whole epic bow questline on her.  I have the Arcanite Reaper from Karazhan sitting on her.

Despite all that, I’m not a very good hunter.  I was alright as Beast Mastery back in BC but when LK hit that became well… not viable for me.  I went Marksmanship for that and in Cata that didn’t seem to work well for me and I’m not overly fond of Survival now… despite it being the “best” spec based on advice I’ve been given.

Anyway, despite those truths, I still have some fond memories of my hunter and fun experiences!

I have a collection of lions – Sambas, Humar and the White Lion which I have had back since early in the toon’s life… [it was one of my first pets].  Traditionally only horde could get it but I was in an ally guild where someone had a horde alt with the summoning quest and who was helping guildies get the lion.  So naturally Wesa [Cat in Cherokee] is my favorite pet.

I put the lions in my stampede bar and here they are… with several copies of the white lion!

I did the Rhok’delar questline on her… though it was pretty easy to do by that point… but still a fun bit of story!  I have the bow, the staff and the Quiver from that questline still in my bank today.

I love the flowers on the bow!!!
I love the flowers on the bow!!!

And quite possibly my favorite toy!



Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “#HunterWeek Hunter Appreciation Week”

  1. I love Humar, he was the first “thing” I ever camped for. 🙂

    Happy that you got to experience the Rhok’delar-chain. I did it as 80, so was pretty easy, but still a nice experience.

  2. In almost 9 years of playing, the Hunter class is the only class in the game I have never maxed out even once. My highest was in this expansion and he’s stuck on a realm I no longer play on at 87. Poor Orc.

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