#HunterWeek Part 2 – Our Raiders

While neither hubby nor I have been overly into our hunters…  the class has always been a big part of our raid experience because we’ve had the joy of running with a number of stellar hunters… no huntards be here.  Here are our current regular hunters in raid – all of whom are very talented!

Here are our raiding hunters!
Here are our raiding hunters!

And yes, we run a ten man with a potential three hunters if the make up works out that way 🙂  We’re raided with more hunters of course – some of whom I know read my blog from time to time, so hat tip to you guys!  I think you all have me spoiled for my expectations from the hunter class 😀


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “#HunterWeek Part 2 – Our Raiders”

  1. Hunter seems to be a popular class, so there are plenty of bad players out there playing “huntards.” However, it’s nice you don’t have any huntards in your group! haha

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