I mained a warlock initially, so I had very little appreciation for mages until I’d leveled most of the other classes.  I always reckoned that if I wanted to play with fire, I’d just go destruction.  Despite saying that, my lock has been demonology – always.  And I did end up “playing with fire”.  I can’t make a mage do very well, but I do enjoy playing them on occasion.  I only have one mage to share that’s my own.  She’s a human mage, created on Argent Dawn and named after a former raid leader who I particularly learned from.  She sat for a couple years before finally getting leveled.




As you can see her transmog is… incomplete 😛


But anyway, what I really want to discuss is my son’s mage, which used to be mine…  When we moved servers, my husband wanted the convenience of us both being able to port around.  Add to that, the mage was a toon our son had shown some fascination with and I was planning to leave it behind.  Hubby insisted that I move it to the other account, so we’d both have ports and our son could also play it with us.  I’m glad he did.  Since we moved servers, our son has flirted with the game on and off and really enjoys his little gnome mage, which he calls “Mommy’s gnome.”


His gnome’s home is in Stormwind and the Trade District innkeeper is his toon’s mommy.  He mainly spends his time either on this toon or his human paladin [who are apparently siblings since the innkeeper in Trade is mommy to both] and enjoys just flying around exploring.

He learned to read a map a long time ago somehow, which as someone with a degree in Anthropology/Geography makes me quite happy.  So he can find me anywhere just about.  He makes a game of it occasionally, especially if I’m in a place he doesn’t recognize.

He’s learned to fight sha and knows some raid ettiquette.  He’s learned to not stand in bad.  And he has fun learning.  His toon also has uncanny luck with gear… he got both pieces of 496 tier off Sha, 2 rings, boots and belt off Galleon; and both 522 tier off Nalak with a plethora of PVP gear.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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