#PaladinWeek WAY too many Paladins

My husband has like 6-7 paladins… maybe more on his account.  Only three of them are max level thus far.  He likes paladins.  He’s played a paladin since he logged on in vanilla and he’s weathered all the changes the game provided for paladins.  Mostly he’s been a Prot pally, sometimes a Ret and very occasionally he’s even been a holy paladin.  He likes paladins so much that our son has a level 85 paladin and I have several paladins myself, though my main is my death knight [I always thought the Paladin/Death Knight combo was interesting].

Venoym and Askevar
Askevar and Venoym

Anyway here’s Venoym in full transmog:


Like I said, he’s had this toon forever.  He exceeds me in total achievement points and has ground things like the Insane.  He did contemplate swapping mains once or twice because of some massive paladin changes that came out but has always managed to roll with those punches and enjoy the class once again.

Here’s his smattering of other paladins…  I left out his army of lowbies.

Ven's pally army
Ven’s pally army: Herald toon; Horde and 2 of his main server alt pallies.

Yes, he’s mad about paladins.

So much so that our son’s first toon was a paladin.  And yes, it looks very much like Venoym… he is a daddy’s boy.

Little Venoym
Little Venoym

He calls it a hunter though… Our son thinks Hunter is part of the toon’s name… so yeah.  It’s weird I know 😛  So he’s got the mage on one account and this paladin on the other.  If he wants anymore he’ll have to level them.  [His third toon appears to be a warlock that just hit level 3 – and he’s very very proud of that].

And for completion’s sake here’s my Paladin Collage:

CollageAskThe dwarf there was the first toon I ever rolled on the account… I leveled her to 40ish in vanilla and then dropped her because while being a Jack of all trades was fun at low levels, it became more complex and weak the higher you went.  She’s swapped specs a few times but it currently holy.

The human paladin is my current bank toon… I decked her out in that transmog from Darkmoon Faire at level 10 or 20… I honestly forget which, but I wanted her to look good.

And the horde there is Holykau…  the poor thing can’t keep a horde guild on Argent Dawn – she’s had them transferred out from under her four or five times now… and it’s continually someone kicking everyone and ninja-transferring to either have a level 25 guild or to sell it… I’m still not completely sure.  She was leveled for the double agent achievement but I enjoy playing horde side on occasion.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

13 thoughts on “#PaladinWeek WAY too many Paladins”

  1. So many pallies! Hats off to folks who love a class so much that they multiple. Ironically, my first two max level characters were a Pally and a DK too.

    Great post with lots of good photos!

    1. I encourage you to give it a whirl 🙂 They’re pretty fun. I’ve actually just rolled another pally to play around with a prot spec for the first time since Lich King.

    1. I’ve never cared much for blood elves [no offense intended – don’t like worgen much either]. But I was finally able to roll a horde toon when tauren paladins were put into the game.

      That transmog is nice and sleek though, btw. Looks very nice on your toon!

    1. Yeah I’ve actually gotten a few whispers myself. Back when I was on ThoBro I’d occasionally be the only female dwarf pally abouts for that holiday achieve that requires one. I used to have a lot of fun sitting in Dal and helping people out and just chit chatting!

      Mine is Alika and she’s on Azuremyst. I actually just rolled another dwarf pally to experiment with prot a bit… I hear at low levels it’s not bad for pvp either

  2. enjoy reading about pallies in other games. I recently rolled one in Everquest 2 for my free level 85 heroic. Got a guild invite out of it and some fun iceshade deucing. As a wee D&D’er I played paladins. There’s more than few short stories about paladins.

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