Moar Ghostcrawler QQs

Ghostcrawler is at it yet again… first it was mourning the introduction of flight into the game and now it’s the fact that people can develop every profession and not have to rely on other players… oh QQ more please.

1. But it gives some people an advantage!!!!

Yes, it does.  Just as doing dailies, grinding reps, running heroics, running raids, doing PVP – all that gives benefits and advantages to those that do it.  I can’t expect to go into a PVP match with the same gear and practice as someone who specializes in it – not without putting some time and effort into gearing and becoming practiced at it.  When I hit exalted with Shaohao, I’ll have the advantage of having a mount.  It’s really the same principal.  And while you may not have an engineer to make the new shiny mount, you’ll be able to get it cheaper on the AH as a result of more people having the profession.  And usually, the benefits of me having developed all the professions on my main server go toward my guildmates and friends more than myself.  Heck, I’ve even helped out random people because so many alts = lots of extra mats I don’t need.

Consider also, leveling 5 death knights gives me an advantage as a death knight, just as leveling multiple paladins gives my husband more practice and advantage there.  Should we then restrict alts?  Or perhaps we should eliminate them entirely?  Yes, going to an extreme here, but not everyone is going to be equal in terms of game, nor should we try and force them to be.

2. But Profession alts don’t get played actively!

For most people. do alts really get played to the level of their mains?  I mean, I know a few people, including some bloggers like this who CHOOSE to maintain a few alts to near the same level based on what their raid might need.  However, most people don’t play their alts as much as their mains.  I know several people who leveled alts to 90 strictly for the Quintessential Quintet achievement and people who leveled a horde simply for the Double Agent achievement [and let’s not even discuss the “Master of All” achievement wholly endorsing having all the professions].  People who didn’t use their time to do that don’t have the advantage of those achievements… not that there’s anything really to them other than the points.  These alts don’t often even HAVE professions and hit 90 and are forgotten, so they’re played even LESS than profession alts.

Playing alts is an important part of some people’s gameplay.  I know that I love mine and the Alt Appreciation weeks have shown that a number of people enjoy them as well.

3. But you don’t understand!  You’ve developed all the professions on your server.

On my main server, yes.  On my 2 alt servers I’ve been left to fend for myself.  Alliance side Argent Dawn, I’m having to live without a Jewelcrafter, Scribe, or an Alchemist.  The fact that there are a number of JC’s and Alchemists tends to drive down the prices there to affordable levels [though glyphs tend to be pricey].  I make a little bit there selling pets and enchants and manage to buy what I need, or a cheaper version of it.  I don’t like having to ask for help from guildies but I’ve been fortunate to be able to find someone there when I’ve needed something.  Eventually I’ll probably slap a profession on one of my professionless alts there and level something.  I get in the mood to profession now and again.

Horde side Argent Dawn and Alliance Thorium Brotherhood [my old server] – These servers are so dead that if you don’t have it or can’t make it – you just go without.  I know people who have sat in trade for large parts of their game time for days trying to find a JC who can make a particular cut.  Forcing people to sit in a city, looking for a particular item… well isn’t city sitting why they were trying to get us out in the world?

4. One other consideration people are forgetting [and that I touched on above] is that limiting professions in such a way will cause supply to fall drastically and prices to skyrocket.  Some of the very people who provide items on the cheap do that in multiple professions.  And if you think I won’t use my two professions in the two profession scenario to make money to cover my other expenses and then some, you’d be silly.

In summation, the more time you put in, of course the more advantages and benefits you’re going to have [and the faster you’ll attain them].  I don’t disagree that some changes could be made to make professions a little better – perhaps making them align more with leveling or make them more meaningful for the character that has them, but forcing people to choose only two per account or some such just to be limiting and eliminate the work of others is just asinine.

Besides, having those alts can often lead to discovering new joys in the game – it’s how I discovered that I enjoy tanking for instance – I got dissatisfied with my warlock and the hubby needed a tank and well I had a max level dps dk who I could swap to tank and well… there you go.  And with the profession benefits it allows a small measure of customization of an alt – something that seems to gradually be going away with all the homogenization going on.

Personally I find it somewhat interesting that Ghostcrawler is so offended by these things that would just about be impossible to remove from game without major subscriber loss.  It seems as if perhaps he’s either no longer interested in playing personally or that perhaps Blizzard wants to get rid of some of its player base.  I mean the logical conclusion to all this is that we end up with one toon, no alts.  And I think we all know that’s not practical considering the number of people into alting.  And for people not interested in endgame raiding/LFR/PVP – that’s about all they have.  I see a lot of wistfulness for the “good old days” but I submit that while they are the “old days” not everything about them was as “good” as people want to remember.


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

8 thoughts on “Moar Ghostcrawler QQs”

  1. I hadn’t heard about this before but I doubt it would be a change that would be permanent, if they did manage to change it that is. I am one of those people who has alts coming out of my eyeballs and each one has a different profession or a profession chosen purely because of the class. To limit my alts to something such as tailoring when I have 3 cloth wearers out of 11 would be ridiculous. I don’t level professions for an advantage as such, initially sure, but when I get to max level it’s a case of ‘in case I need it’. To be honest I think my scribe would be my most useful profession for all of my classes, due to the fact you get shoulder enchants and glyphs, however like everything they are only useful when they are needed. If I have BiS shoulders and all glyphs for my character, then it’s not really a bonus anymore.

    Not to mention if they suddenly told me I needed to pick 2 professions and lose the rest, I think I would be vocal in demanding my gold back. It’s silly, but it is always disheartening when you have 11 toons, all with flyers and some that started out before flying was really attainable, and every expansion there is some kind of reduction of cost and a new gold sink. I used to have to pay massive amounts of gold for mount training back in the day and now it’s pennies to get a mount – and a lot sooner too. Not that I mind the change, but it’s frustrating to even suggest that after all my hard work and gold spent to do something for my character that it could be taken away. Let me keep my professions or refund my training costs!! My goblin kite isn’t hurting anyone except the opposite team when I am healing on my engineering druid and can fly to bases or mid in EoTS quicker. 😛

    1. Yeah I doubt it would be put in that way… they might look to account wide professions that when you level one you can just click/enable max on new alts… maybe. I see account wide reputations coming first.

      This post mainly came because the subject of one of GC’s rants was people having profession alts and I was annoyed and decided to hammer out an entry. I think it’s even the weekly discussion on a site somewhere… i just have strong feelings on the subject 😛

    2. “I used to have to pay massive amounts of gold for mount training back in the day and now it’s pennies to get a mount – and a lot sooner too.”

      DEAR GAWD lemme know what kinda magic goldmaking skills you got, ’cause 4k for each of the last two flying skills FOR ALL MY ALTS has been and will continue to kill me for the near future. kthx

  2. You know it’s his job to qq, right? If he didn’t ask questions, come up with ideas, entertain notions, and listen to feedback (like he does, very well), then he wouldn’t be doing his job as lead systems developer. Just don’t immediately think he’s stupid because he entertained the notion of something you don’t like.


  3. I’m hoping for them doing more of an account wide thing. I have all professions covered, many of them more than once, and I definitely would like not having to log a bunch of characters just to make something to send to another toon. If it weren’t for covering all the professions I would have enchanting and engineering on every toon for DE and tinkers.

    As it is I have
    2 JC’s ( I transferred one so I had to level a new one on the original server)
    3 Enchanters
    3 Engineers
    3 Alchemists (one of each)
    2 skinners
    1 LW
    1 BS
    1 Scribe (also have a DK stranded on an old server that was max during WotLK)
    1 tailor
    1 Herbs
    1 Mine

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