What Would Make You Stay?

Over dinner the hubby and I had a discussion about a thread I’d found on the forums.  It was yet another thread complaining about tanks leaving LFR – presumably one of the reasons being that they’d already killed the later bosses in a section.


So I asked him “What would entice you to stay?”


His answer “Give me personally max determination on any bosses I’d already killed.  I could help the kill be assured and go faster.”


For me personally, short of having friends in the raid or an assured specific mount/pet/10k plus gold, I don’t really know what would.  But I thought that was a neat idea.


And this is all presuming that the ability to choose In Progress or Fresh raids is out given the LFR changes Blizzard made when people were queue fishing.


Would a max determination self buff make you stay for the last boss you’ve already killed?  What about wiping the slate clean and giving you another roll at loot off that boss if you remain?

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

5 thoughts on “What Would Make You Stay?”

  1. The determination buff would be nice, but not enough of a factor to entice me to stay, unless there’s only one boss left and it has something worth burning a bonus token. Fresh loot rolls and/or a guaranteed satchel would be enough to bribe me into finishing maybe 1-2 bosses in a wing, but probably not 3 or more. A guaranteed 100g (or so) per boss would have me running LFRs in my spare time to make money even I didn’t want/need the gear.

  2. 1.) If a friend or a guildmate of mine was present, I would stay.

    2.) If I got to choose between randomly selected pieces of gear that I could have gotten in my earlier run but did not because RNG (and that I actually NEED), I would stay. You say I can get the weapon I’ve been yearning after for WEEKS if I endure this crowd? Yeah, ok. I’ll stay.

    3.) If the boss gave me my bleeping token back – the one that I rolled only to get gold with – I’d stay.

    4.) If a choir of winged tyrannosaurs would descend from the heavens and escort Thok on high in the most epic cinematic ever that you can ONLY see if you stay, I’d stay.

  3. Perhaps a Warforged Seal for finished runs? I get second half every time I queue for LFR on my alt, and yes, I definitely leave when I’m “done” in the 2nd one.

  4. If I queue on my tank in LFR, I stay just because I queued. I have sat too many times on my mage waiting for a tank to leave just because I don’t need the next boss(es).

    That said…I almost never do LFR anymore anyway. On either toon. I raid on both in normal mode and by the time I’m done with that, I am pretty much full of raid. Yes, Virginia, there can be too much raid.

    Unfortunately, due to VERY bad experiences with idjits in LFR, if I do queue on my paladin, it’s as dps. The question should not be what would make you stay, but what would make you queue to begin with.

  5. There shouldn’t be a need for something shiny to keep you. It just makes you look bad. I’ve gotten to keeping track of the tanks that leave LFR like that. We have them vote kicked every time we see them. It wastes everyone time.

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