Achievements and Things…

Well since it’s the end of the expansion, this is of course the time wherein a lot of people scramble to finish long outstanding achievements.  I’ve actually managed to finish several the last few weeks.

Archaeology – I finally finished this after LOTS of grinding!  I nearly back to back finished the 20 of each achievements and got the last pristine I needed!  This was a title good enough to likely permanently usurp my Camel Hoarder title that Askevar has mostly worn for the last few years.




Brawler’s Guild – While I have 2 of the optional rank 8 bosses outstanding at the moment – I have achieved Rank 10!  The most annoying and bug ridden fights were Hexos, Nibbleh and Ahooru [have a perfect attempt spoiled by angels spawning and falling under the floor… that’ll annoy you!].  I had actually despaired of finishing this both on Hexos and on Nibbleh and then I got to the point where I just needed it done, so the morning after finishing archaeology, I hopped on down to the Deeprun Tram and decided to give it 6-10 attempts [about all I can stand at a sitting with no progress].  Four pulls in, I was making progress and three pulls later, had downed him and achieved rank 10!  I also bought the Mushan from the vendor.



Scenarios – Got the last 4 scenario achievements I needed to complete them all.  I had all 4 on the account but not on my main.  It was easy enough teaming up with hubby and throwing our son’s toon in the mix.




In the process of doing all that archaeology, I also completed another long time goal – the bug mount from archaeology, as well as something that turns me into a bug 🙂  A tank being a tank!


bugmount qiraji


I also Decked my Collection



And got 55 reps on my bank guild




And I’m in the process of working on the Firelands staff on my priest alt



In addition to all that, we’ve done 6/9 CMs to Silver – we just have three more left – Mogushun, Siege of Niuzao and Stormstout Brewery – and we’re hoping to get those done on Sunday.  I’m working on dailies horde side to get the Argent Tourney mounts horde side, which is going slowly but surely.  And I managed to get Thor’idal to drop for my horde hunter… so a whole lot going on.


To top that off we’re getting closer to downing Garrosh on Normal – which we’re hoping to achieve this week as time on that is getting tight.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

One thought on “Achievements and Things…”

  1. Grats Askevar those are some great achieves! I know I am eyeing one knowing that I won’t be able to get it coz i just get annoyed with RNG drops from scenarios!

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