So… I just did something crazy

I pledged on a community to write 500k words this year… that can include both fiction and nonfiction that are not work related but are intended to be published at some point – so both my blog writing and my fiction writing can count!  Hopefully that will also rejuvenate this blog to a degree.  That’s an average of 1370 words a day though I tend to write in splurges so no idea what that will end up translating into.

As far as game, we’re trying to rock along in normal though we’ve had some setbacks in dps, make up and so forth.  But we almost got Tectus last night [we had two motes left is all] but just couldn’t seal the deal.  Ven and I have pugged into a heroic run and gotten a couple bosses down there as well, which was fun.  I’m also intimidated when I run with people I don’t know and apparently that puts pressure on me to perform better.  So if I can get over the initial nerves, I’ll probably do pretty well lol.

Hopefully we’ll crack Tectus on Tuesday and move on from there.

I’m somewhat enjoying the new expansion.  I just wasn’t expecting to still spend a significant portion of my game time in old content… I mean I foresaw retro runs for mounts eventually but wasn’t figuring on getting to them or my alts right away.  But this time there’s a real advantage to having alts leveled to max right now – professions, salvage and so forth.  I do wish they would soon implement the new system to help alts with the cost of garrison things but I’m not sure I foresee that happening while it’s actually terribly useful for me.

Although the alts will be very useful when 6.1 hits with pet hunting, so that’s a good thing too!

Alts 4 and 5 hit 100 last night – only JUST putting me past the number my husband has leveled [yes, I’m behind him for once in terms of the number leveled, though professions are likely more developed on my side of things].  I have a whole network to create the new pets and mounts and enchants and everything Askevar might need lol.

I did finally reach 250 mounts and got the Felfire Hawk back on December 20th.  Experiment 12-B was the 248th; the mount for Stable Master was 249 and then and the new tailoring mount was 250.

Experiment 12-B
Fel Fire Hawk!
Fel Fire Hawk!

And then just last week, I finally got to where I no longer need run Firelands.  Allixie seems to have some really fantastic luck with getting mounts from old raids!

Pureblood Fire Hawk
Pureblood Fire Hawk

It’s really a wonder I don’t run her first… but then she might not have that kind of luck.

10th Anniversary was alright but I’m just glad I was able to afford to buy Hatespark early [I walked to the Auction House and got it after my first run in there… yes, it was that bad].  I didn’t managed to get the PVP title though I tried a few times but I’m not as concerned with it – especially if the rumor is true that it might be brought back for future anniversaries.

In terms of collecting this expansion, I’ve achieved all 3 collection achievements – 250 mounts, 600 pets, and 150 toys.  The pet one was gotten just shortly after the expansion dropped and the mount one was last month, of course and the toy one was on Christmas day [I was able to log in and snag it, despite being out of town for once.

The only collection thing I am lacking, at the moment, is the rogue dagger legendary.  And hubby and I have paired up to make that happen for us both.  I have several sets of glaives, a few thunderfurys and sulfuras and even a couple of the bows as well as Dragonwrath on my priest but I’m just starting collection of the first step on the rogue legendary daggers.  But it will be fun to finally complete that too 😀  Just need to make sure I get a run in there every week!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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