Eternal Strider 1 Pet Strategy for Opening Up Pet Menagerie in Garrison

Apparently they nerfed this, so I’m opening up the Menagerie on all my alts.  Mainly posting this for hubby but use as you like.

Eternal Strider [or any other water strider with Pump and Heal]

Carrotus Maximus

Use Pump till dead [should be used four times]

Use Revive Battle Pets ability [do not use before this, use Lio to heal if needed]

Pump till dead [should be used six times]
Have Lio heal your pets as you can’t use her within 3 minutes of logging in.

Go to next alt


Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Eternal Strider 1 Pet Strategy for Opening Up Pet Menagerie in Garrison”

  1. Yeah, they nerfed it big time, which is why I never finished my strategies page for it; it just seemed unnecessary. In retrospect I probably should have explained that.

    1. Yeah it’s one of those things I thought people mentioned but since it wasn’t something I was focused on at the time, sorta let go by me.

      Now to take a look at the other annoyingly placed pet battle dailies lol

  2. I can see why they nerfed this for casual battlers but I’m a little disappointed they also nerfed the menagerie battles themselves. I currently use one team to solo all three pests which is very handy. All I do is switch the secondary pet into the primary spot for the carrot or rat. It’s nice to be able to kill each pest in 2 or 3 moves but it’s also nice to know you can use a variety of pets to take them down.

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