Crimsonwing Moth and Sapphire Firefly

In patch 6.2, Blizzard added two pets in Talador [Crimsonwing Moth] and Spires of Arak [Sapphire Firefly] which only spawn one in the entire zone.  They have a plethora of spawn points, as noted if you check wowhead for either one and while only one is up at any given time, apparently one is always up.  I was initially concerned and figured these would be excessively annoying to chase but it wasn’t that bad actually.

I attained both yesterday in under an hour.  I plugged in the coordinates I pulled off Wowhead into TomTom and ran around spamming a /tar macro for Crimson and then Sapphire.  Both pets were found at coordinates not mentioned in the wowhead posts [hence I added them].

Frankly, if you just run around the zone spamming the target macro, I think you’d find it just as quickly but the coordinates give you a path to target… and where it’s been found before.

I realize it’s probably with some ease that I caught them simply because fewer people are frequenting those two zones and most are inundated with Tanaan and such.  So if you want to take a break from Tanaan and do something relatively easy/mindless whilst attaining a new pet or two – here’s the thing.

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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