Persistence Pays Off

People continually comment about how lucky I am with mount drops and ask how I can manage it.  Well, here’s the secret – I’m not lucky.  I’m simply persistent.  I mean 182 attempts for the JiKun mount [Clutch of JiKun] is not what I would call lucky but I got it done finally.  My warlock was the one with the luck so she got to take the picture on it.  It’s a neat mount and I’m glad to finally have it.  I think my next focus will be chasing down the four five mounts from the hatchlings.  Those are apparently daily quests so I should get there fairly quick since I rather like dailies.



I also got the Flamesaber mount from participating in 15 heroes of the storm games.  I teamed up with hubby and another guildie and we just knocked it out in one evening.  The games were versus AI and on the easiest setting [we were between 7-15 minutes per game, average was probably 12] as our guildie friend Eth had no experience with the game whatsoever and I was particularly nervous about joining in with random people because I don’t know what I’m doing.  Eth liked Muradin and played him largely as a tank [he’s a ret paladin in our raid].  Ven [hubby] like Kael’thas a lot and took great glee in one shotting multiple of the enemy team two at a time with some sort of ability he gained.  I ran around on Li Li and healed everyone.  I actually made enough gold off the games to go ahead and purchase her since I liked her so much.  I also hit level 10.  Ten more levels and I get a pet… which I should have gotten way back when but meh…




And while I was doing dailies today, I was running a few toons on my second account through the first boss in Trial of the Crusader to try and get that elusive pet [not the Raiding with Leashes one but the Magnatar Hunting Horn] and it finally dropped.  Rarity had recorded about 19 attempts total but I know I’ve probably had somewhere between 30-50 previous to it recording.  So I’m rather happy about finally getting that.


I had no luck with the Valentine’s even this year and I ran an absolutely absurd number of toons through daily.  My plan is to next year have both accounts full of 16 plus characters and just throw my best effort at it to date but we’ll see how that goes.  I foresee lots of level 16 paladins in my future.  I did get both of the new toys so yay!  Speaking of Love is in the Air, here’s a picture of me having used the potion from the dailies.



I’m also drifting back into my gold making.  I’ve not been very good about listing auctions as religiously as I used to at the end of the last expansion and I thought it was time to change that.  The good news was that all the BoEs and patterns I had saved up are actually worth a bit more now, though I’ve probably been making a weekly 10-20k off of transmog I’ve posted along the way so I’m definitely in the positive for the expansion.  I’ve started watching some Twitch streams again on occasion.  I had drifted away from that for a time as well because I just had so much I was working on that I was often dual boxing and watching streams in addition didn’t work.


Anyway, good to see ya’ll and happy hunting in Azeroth!

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

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