Concordance on Alts!

I got concordance on all 3 of Askevar’s weapons shortly after getting Artifact Knowledge 40, so I quickly got the pets for all three specs of Death Knights.  And while I’ve had a lot of upheaval and craziness this last month between my grandmother being in the hospital, then her funeral and Vacation Bible School, I finally achieved Concordance on one of my alts.  My Demon Hunter has been one point off for a while so I finally sat down during one of the last invasions and did emissaries and invasion quests and hit concordance!


The result is a cute little toy!



Demon Hunter Pepe!!!!


Next target is going to be the paladin [prot spec concordance] and probably the warlock [for the mount for a concordance]

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

3 thoughts on “Concordance on Alts!”

  1. Hey there Askevar, good to see you back 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother; my condolences. I sincerely hope the last time spent together as well as the funeral went as nice as possible.

    That toy is beyond adorable, it is just so cute! Wish I had a Demon Hunter alt lying around 🙂 Congrats \o/

    1. Thanks. The funeral wasn’t easy as I read the eulogy but it was a good service for her. And I was honored to be able to do something.

      Yes it is! My son melts every time he sees Demon Hunter Pepe on my head [his main is a demon hunter].

      1. Oh, that must have required a lot of strength I imagine. I can relate to that.

        Aww, Demon Hunter Pepe is very adorable, also the way it sits and tilts its head to the side 🙂

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