Random Achievement

I logged on this morning and had a notification of a post from Coffee Cakes and Crits that shared the link from a website named Simple Armory.    I looked up my main on the armory and noticed I was a bit shy of having completed all scenarios.  I went to look, because I was fairly certain I had done all the scenarios and realized it was Proving Grounds.


Yeah, not a fan.


My big complaint?  They’re boring!  It’s another round room of boredom.  [The original place that got that name was Trial of the Crusader, though I didn’t have as much of an issue with that].




I was inspired by finding out I was missing some to do the “You’re Doing it Wrong” achievement.  I ran Silver DPS as a Blood DK – super easy.  I was actually surprised.  I tried it once back in MoP and just shrugged and went on from there.  I debated tackling Gold Tank or Gold DPS but the idea of just sitting there fighting that just doesn’t sound interesting to me.


doing it wrong

Author: Askevar

Raid leader and Tank. Also is an altoholic

4 thoughts on “Random Achievement”

  1. Hah, I like them; those achievements are fun, isnt there also one called something like “You are really doing it wrong” or something along those lines. That simply Armory site is very neat, though, such a great overview!

  2. I am crushed to hear that you don’t enjoy the Proving Grounds. I think I’ve spent more time in there than in every other instance combined. 😛

    Seriously, though, congratulations.

    @Allunaria; yes, there is another one (You’re Really Doing it Wrong) to complete the gold level in a mismatched spec.

    1. Yeah I don’t enjoy it. That’s why I was so awed by you doing it in almost every spec as I recall. That’s just super impressive!

      1. Thank you, I actually had fun completing the ol’ Proving Grounds Project (as I called it). If nothing else it was a great way to practice. And to return the compliment, I was always awed by your ability to grind out dozens of mount runs every week. I never had the discipline to make that a priority.

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